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The Interview Book 2nd edn ePub eBook

The Interview Book 2nd edn ePub eBook

2nd Edition

James Innes

Dec 2012, ePub eBook
ISBN13: 9780273776659
ISBN10: 0273776657
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The UK’s bestselling guide to successful interviews is back, with a new editionupdated with expanded content on planning for interviews and tailoring your interview to a specific role.

This is the definitive, bestselling guide to planning, preparing and performing in interviews to maximise your chances of landing the job you want. The guidance in this book has been tried, tested and honed to perfection. The unique content includes a chapter on avoiding the most common interview mistakes, and important information on how to handle and benefit from the post-interview period.

Written by the CEO of the UK’s leading CV consultancy service, James Innes, the book is supported by exclusive online tools and bonus content including sample interview questions, templates and best-practice scenarios.