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Prealgebra plus MyMathLab/MyStatLab -- Access Card Package

Prealgebra plus MyMathLab/MyStatLab -- Access Card Package

5th Edition

Jamie Blair, John Tobey, Jeffrey Slater, Jenny Crawford

Feb 2012, Paperback with Online Course Access
ISBN13: 9780321824110
ISBN10: 0321824113
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The Tobey/Slater/Blair/Crawford series builds essential skills one at a time by breaking the mathematics down into manageable pieces. This practical “building block” organization makes it easy for students to understand each topic and gain confidence as they move through each section. Students will find many opportunities to check and reinforce their understanding of concepts throughout the text. With this revision, the author team has added a new Math Coach feature that provides students with an office hour experience by helping them to avoid commonly made mistakes. With Tobey/Slater/Blair/Crawford, students have a tutor, a study companion, and now a coach, with them every step of the way.

Tobey Prealgebra

1. Whole Numbers and Introduction to Algebra

1.1 Understanding Whole Numbers

1.2 Adding Whole Number Expressions

1.3 Subtracting Whole Number Expressions

1.4 Multiplying Whole Number Expressions

1.5 Dividing Whole Number Expressions

1.6 Exponents and the Order of Operations

How Am I Doing? Sections 1.1-1.6

1.7 More on Algebraic Expressions

1.8 Introduction to Solving Linear Equations

1.9 Solving Applied Problems Using Several Operations


Chapter 1 Organizer

Chapter 1 Review Problems

How Am I Doing? Chapter 1 Test


2. Integers

2.1 Understanding Integers

2.2 Adding Integers

2.3 Subtracting Integers

How Am I Doing? Sections 2.1-2.3

2.4 Multiplying and Dividing Integers

2.5 The Order of Operations and Applications Involving Integers

2.6 Simplifying and Evaluating Algebraic Expressions


Chapter 2 Organizer

Chapter 2 Review Problems

How Am I Doing? Chapter 2 Test


3. Introduction to Equations and Algebraic Expressions

3.1 Solving Equations of the Form x + a = c and x - a = c

3.2 Solving Equations of the Form ax = c

How Am I Doing? Sections 3.1-3.2

3.3 Equations and Geometric Formulas

3.4 Performing Operations with Exponents


Chapter 3 Organizer

Chapter 3 Review Problems

How Am I Doing? Chapter 3 Test

Cumulative Test for Chapters 1-3


4. Fractions, Ratio, and Proportion

4.1 Factoring Whole Numbers

4.2 Understanding Fractions

4.3 Simplifying Fractional Expressions

How Am I Doing? Sections 4.1-4.3

4.4 Simplifying Fractional Expressions with Exponents

4.5 Ratios and Rates

4.6 Proportions and Applications


Chapter 4 Organizer

Chapter 4 Review Problems

How Am I Doing? Chapter 4 Test


5. Operations on Fractional Expressions

5.1 Multiplying and Dividing Fractional Expressions

5.2 Multiples and Least Common Multiples of Algebraic Expressions

5.3 Adding and Subtracting Fractional Expressions

5.4 Operations with Mixed Numbers

How Am I Doing? Sections 5.1-5.4

5.5 Order of Operations and Complex Fractions

5.6 Solving Applied Problems Involving Fractions

5.7 Solving Equations of the Form


Chapter 5 Organizer

Chapter 5 Review Problems

How Am I Doing? Chapter 5 Test


6. Polynomials

6.1 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

6.2 Multiplying Polynomials

How Am I Doing? Sections 6.1-6.2

6.3 Translating from English to Algebra

6.4 Factoring Using the Greatest Common Factor


Chapter 6 Organizer

Chapter 6 Review Problems

How Am I Doing? Chapter 6 Test

Cumulative Test for Chapters 1-6


7. Solving Equations

7.1 Solving Equations Using One Principle of Equality

7.2 Solving Equations Using More Than One Principle of Equality

7.3 Solving Equations with Parentheses

How Am I Doing? Sections 7.1-7.3

7.4 Solving Equations with Fractions

7.5 Using Equations to Solve Applied Problems


Chapter 7 Organizer

Chapter 7 Review Problems

How Am I Doing? Chapter 7 Test


8. Decimals and Percents

8.1 Understanding Decimal Fractions

8.2 Adding and Subtracting Decimal Expressions

8.3 Multiplying and Dividing Decimal Expressions

8.4 Solving Equations and Applied Problems Involving Decimals

How Am I Doing? Sections 8.1-8.4

8.5 Estimating with Percents

8.6 Percents

8.7 Solving Percent Problems Using Equations

8.8 Solving Percent Problems Using Proportions

8.9 Solving Applied Problems Involving Percents


Chapter 8 Organizer

Chapter 8 Review Problems

How Am I Doing? Chapter 8 Test


9. Graphing and Statistics

9.1 Interpreting and Constructing Graphs

9.2 Mean, Median, and Mode

How Am I Doing? Sections 9.1-9.2

9.3 The Rectangular Coordinate System

9.4 Linear Equations in Two Variables


Chapter 9 Organizer

Chapter 9 Review Problems

How Am I Doing? Chapter 9 Test

Cumulative Test for Chapters 1-9


10. Measurement and Geometric Figures

10.1 Using Unit Fractions with U.S. and Metric Units

10.2 Converting Between the U.S. and Metric Systems

10.3 Angles

How Am I Doing? Sections 10.1-10.3

10.4 Square Roots and the Pythagorean Theorem

10.5 The Circle

10.6 Volume

10.7 Similar Geometric Figures


Chapter 10 Organizer

Chapter 10 Review Problems

How Am I Doing? Chapter 10 Test


Practice Final Examination

Appendix A Consumer Finance Applications

Appendix B Introduction to U.S. and Metric Units of Measurement

Appendix C Scientific Calculators [Available in MyMathLab]

Appendix D Additional Arithmetic Practice

Appendix E Congruent Triangles

Solutions to Practice Problems

Answers to Selected Exercises

Applications Index [Available in MyMathLab]


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Students will find many opportunities to check and reinforce their understanding of concepts throughout each chapter:

  • Student Practice problems are paired with every example in the text. The full solutions to each practice problem are located in the back of the text, allowing students to check their work as they go.
  • The “How Am I Doing?” mid-chapter review exercises let students pause at a critical juncture to make sure they are "getting it."
  • End-of-Section Exercises progress from basic to challenging, and each exercise set includes Verbal and Writing Skills, and Mixed Practice exercises.
  • A Quick Quiz at the end of each exercise set contains three problems that cover the essential content of that section. This simple assessment tool measures whether students know when they are ready for new material, and when they need further review.
    • A Concept Check question at the end of each Quick Quiz asks students to explain how and why a method works in their own words, forcing students to analyze problems and reflect on the mathematical concepts.
    • Classroom Quizzes in the Annotated Instructor's Edition parallel every Quick Quiz, which allows instructors to quickly assess the understanding of the class at any point in the chapter.
  • The End-of-Chapter Material provides several opportunities for review and reinforcement of key concepts:
    • Updated! Chapter Organizers summarize the chapter topics, procedures, and corresponding examples all in one place to simplify chapter review. A ”You Try It” column has been added to Chapter Organizers to provide another opportunity for practice!
    • NEW! Assessment Check boxes on the “How Am I Doing?” Chapter Test encourage students to check their work. If students need extra help on any test problems, they can watch the Chapter Test Prep Videos, where all test solutions are worked out on video.
    • NEW! The Math Coach follows every chapter test and provides helpful hints and coaching on the most difficult concepts and exercises types in that particular chapter. Examples similar to the Math Coach problems have been noted throughout the chapter with side-by-side examples and practice problems that encourage students to try the practice problem on the spot. Students can have an office hour with the authors when they watch the authors solve these key problem types on the New Math Coach Videos.
    • The Chapter Test Prep and Math Coach Videos are available in MyMathLab and on YouTube.
  • Use Math to Save Money features practical, realistic examples in every chapter of how students can use math to cut costs and spend less. Topics have been updated based on a student survey of more than 1,000 developmental math colleges.
  • A Mathematics Blueprint for Problem Solving provides a consistent and interactive outline to help students organize their approach to problem solving. The Blueprint helps students decide where to begin, understand the process, plan subsequent steps, and successfully solve applications.

John Tobey received his BA in mathematics from Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois in 1965, his MA in mathematics education from Harvard University in 1966, and his PhD in mathematics education from Boston University in 1980. He has taught in the mathematics department at the United States Military Academy at West Point and served as the Mathematics Department Chairman at North Shore Community College in Danvers, Massachusetts for five years. John has served as the president of the New England Mathematics Association of Two Year Colleges. He has received the NISOD award for outstanding teaching from the University of Texas at Austin. John is the author of seven mathematics books published by Pearson Education. John has spoken to many mathematics departments and at many professional meetings throughout the country on the topic of developmental mathematics education and distance learning in mathematics. He lives in Massachusetts.

Jeffrey Slater has been a professor at North Shore Community College for thirty-eight years and received the Teacher of the Year award in 2002. Jeff travels around the country speaking on student retention and is also a consultant to the Federal Government. He lives in Marblehead, Massachusetts with his wife Shelley and his yellow lab Gracie.

Jamie Blair has directed the Mathematics Learning Center at Orange Coast College for the past seventeen years. She designed, developed, and implemented the Center, and as a result of this effort has provided technical expertise related to the particulars of the Math Center to numerous other two-year colleges and at many conferences. In 2007 Jamie was appointed to the Team of Basic Skills Specialist by the California State Academic Senate. She is also currently participating on Title 3 committees on her campus. She specializes in teaching students who have never been successful in mathematics. She is an expert in the area of basic skills in relation to the learning needs of students. She lives in California.

Jennifer Crawford received her BS in mathematics from the University of Minnesota – Duluth in 1995 and her MS in mathematics from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities in 1998. She taught a wide range of courses at North Shore Community College in Danvers, Massachusetts for five years. She currently teaches at Normandale Community College in Bloomington, Minnesota where her focus is working with developmental math students. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her husband, two young children, and black lab.

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