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How to get that job

How to get that job

The complete guide to getting hired
4th Edition

Malcolm Hornby

Nov 2012, Paperback, 312 pages
ISBN13: 9780273772125
ISBN10: 0273772120
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The ultimate all-in-one guide to job hunting success.

Getting an edge in the hunt for work is vital and this book offers the edge that millions are missing. This no-nonsense, highly practical and outcome focussed guide to the whole process of job hunting takes you right from the planning stages through writing your CV, flying through aptitude tests, being interviewed on the phone and online, to what to do and say when you finally get the offer you’ve been hoping for. With essential guidance on maximising modern job-hunting tools such as social media and networking websites, as well as special help for those who are new to work, the recently redundant, the long-term unemployed, ex-offenders and graduates, it’s one of the most up to date and all-encompassing job hunting books on the market today.

About the author

Introduction to the fourth edition

1 How to find your new job

2 How to make the most of your network

3 How to use e-mails and letters of application

4 How to write your CV

5 How to complete application forms and on-line applications

6 How to sell yourself

7 How to do your homework on the organisation and on the job

8 How to be a better listener

9 How to win the interview

10 How to create a positive image

11 How to give a great presentation

12 How to succeed in assessment centres

13 How to win in recruitment tests and evaluations

14 What if you didn’t get the job you want?

15 What if you DID get offered the job you want?

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Appendix 1: Sources of help for job hunters

Appendix 2


Malcolm Hornby is a highly experienced HR consultant and a management trainer and a coach. He works with many companies and organisations, is a regular speaker at numerous meetings and conferences for both large and small corporations such as the CMI and CIPD, and has taught Human Resources as part of The Open University’s MBA programme.