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How to Change Absolutely Anything

How to Change Absolutely Anything

Damian Hughes

Jun 2012, Paperback, 160 pages
ISBN13: 9780273770916
ISBN10: 0273770918
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Everybody wants to change something, whether it is work, life, yourself or someone else. Based on evidence-based psychological principles, including those drawn from CBT, this book demonstrates how you can bring about positive change in your life.

Bursting with powerful tips, tricks, advice and guidance taken from interviews with some of the most positive and productive people in the world, from Mohammed Ali and Richard Branson to Alex Ferguson and Tiger Woods.

How to Change Almost Anything


10 steps to change almost anything

1. Create the right first impression

2. Decide how you want to be perceived

3. Recognise the power of emotions

4. Address the four big needs

5. Understand your reaction to change

6. Anticipate how those around you will react to change

7. Examine your beliefs

8. Avoid belief traps

9. Be aware of where you’re sitting

10. Take action

- Over to you...

Personal Postscript

Damian Hughesis Professor of Organisational Psychology and Change for Manchester Metropolitan University. He’s also the founder of LiquidThinker, which takes the methods used by great achievers and shows how to adopt them into life and business to achieve dreams and ambitions. His innovative approach has been praised by Sir Richard Branson, Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods and Sir Alex Ferguson .He also runs a Manchester inner-city youth club and is the author of Liquid Thinking and Liquid Leadership (Capstone).