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Charisma ePub eBook

Charisma ePub eBook

The Secrets of Personal Chemistry
2nd Edition

Andrew Leigh

Oct 2012, ePub eBook
ISBN13: 9780273761662
ISBN10: 0273761668
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About the author


PART 1 Aim
1 Unravelling the DNA of Charisma

2 Charisma aim

PART 2 Be yourself

3 Fluency
4 Confidence
5 Presence
6 Authenticity
7 Courage
8 Passion
9 Demeanour

PART 3 Chemistry
10 Chemistry

PART 4 Digging deeper into charisma

11 Smiling and charisma
12 Body language and eye contact
13 Leadership and charisma

PART 5 Putting it all together
14 Using A-B-C in real life



Before founding his successful consultancy, Maynard Leigh, Andrew Leigh worked as a senior manager in both the public and the private sectors. He has spent several years as a features writer for The Observer and an established author, his previous books include: Your and Your Job (OUP); 20 Ways to Manage Better (CIPD); Effective Change (CIPD); Perfect Decisions; The Ultimate Business Presentation book ; Perfect Presentations; Perfect Communications and Perfect Leader (Random House Business Books).

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