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Brilliant Body Language ePub eBook

Brilliant Body Language ePub eBook

Impress, Persuade and Succeed with the Power of Body Language

Max Eggert

Jul 2012, ePub eBook
ISBN13: 9780273759911
ISBN10: 0273759914
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About the author


Academic references


Chapter 1: Our other language - an introduction

Chapter 2: The basic caveats

Chapter 3: Personal distance or proxemics

Chapter 4: Perception and first impressions

Chapter 5: The body language of anxiety

Chapter 6: How to control anxiety

Chapter 7: Body language for rapport skills

Chapter 8: Body language for personal confidence

Chapter 9: Body language for assertiveness

Chapter 10: Body language and attraction

Chapter 11: Body language and personal influence

Chapter 12: The hidden language of speech

Chapter 13: 75 body-language signs and what they might mean

Chapter 14: Putting it into practice

Conclusion: Ethics, body language and manipulation

Appendix 1: Possible answers to questions raised in the book

Appendix 2: Possible answers to the picture challenges on pages 199-202


Max Eggert is a psychologist and author. His recent books include The Best Job Search Book (Random House, 2000), Conflict Resolution (MPB, 2002), Perfect Interview Answers (Random House, 2006) and Body Language at Work (MPB, 2010).

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