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Flip It

Flip It

How to get the best out of everything
2nd Edition

Michael Heppell

Dec 2011, Paperback, 176 pages
ISBN13: 9780273761211
ISBN10: 0273761218
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There’s a simple way of thinking, acting and doing that, once learned, will make sure you get the very best out of everything.

This book challenges you to get curious about how you interpret and handle every situation. It liberates you from the beliefs that have been holding you back and gives you powerfully simple ways to switch your thinking and change your actions so that you can get the very best from whatever life sends your way. With the new, revised edition of this bestselling book, you’ll discover how to make sure you never have a ‘bad day’ ever again.


1 Finding Flip It

2 Flip It for confidence and happiness

3 Flip It for friends, love and family

4 Flip It for health

5 Flip It for money

6 Flip It for success

7 Flip It for creativity

8 Flip It at work and in business

9 Flip It for your fantastic future

10 Flip It when you’re having ‘one of those days’

11 Flip It for everything else

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Michael Heppell is the bestselling author of Flip It; How to Be Brilliant; Brilliant Life; and Five Star Service. As a professional speaker and personal lifecoach he works with leading companies, individualsand organisations across the UK and globally. Michaelis committed to making every book he writes a successand you can be certain that he will be unwavering inhis mission to promote this book through his networks, newsletter subscribers, popular workshops andseminars and through extensive PR and publicity.