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How to Have a Brilliant Life

How to Have a Brilliant Life

Put a little bit more in. Get so much more out
2nd Edition

Michael Heppell

Oct 2011, Paperback, 328 pages
ISBN13: 9780273761228
ISBN10: 0273761226
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Do you want to live life to the full? To know in years to come that you really gave it your all – and got the most out of it?

The simplest way to a brilliant life is by making sure you’re paying attention to the stuff that matters, in every area of your life, and by making positive and lasting change where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

Although that’s not rocket science, it’s so very easy to just get swept along by the flow and then wonder what happened. We all need a bit of help to make sure we’re living our best possible life. And that’s where this book comes in.

Taking each area of your life by the horns, you’ll quickly start to see what’s working well and where attention is needed. One small action at a time, you’ll move towards your own Brilliant Life.



About the author



The Wheel of Life

Part 1 Your health

Chapter 1 The Health Wheel

Chapter 2 Eat well

Chapter 3 Move well

Chapter 4 Think well

Part 2 Your family

Chapter 5 The Family Wheel

Chapter 6 Your significant other

Chapter 7 Your Mum

Chapter 8 Your Dad

Chapter 9 Your children

Chapter 10 Your siblings

Chapter 11 Your grandparents and older relatives

Chapter 12 Your aunts and uncles

Part 3 Your money

Chapter 13 The Money Wheel

Chapter 14 Worries vs confidence

Chapter 15 Saving

Chapter 16 Savvy

Chapter 17 Debt

Chapter 18 Lifestyle

Chapter 19 Investment

Chapter 20 Management

Part 4 Your relationships

Chapter 21 The Relationships Wheel

Chapter 22 Close friends

Chapter 23 Work colleagues

Chapter 24 Your boss

Chapter 25 Your staff

Chapter 26 Your neighbours

Chapter 27 Old friends

Chapter 28 New friends

Part 5 Your contribution

Chapter 29 The Contribution (and higher purpose) Wheel

Chapter 30 Charity

Chapter 31 Your time

Chapter 32 The environment

Chapter 33 You

Chapter 34 Your values

Chapter 35 Self-awareness

Part 6 Your vision

Chapter 36 The Vision Wheel

Chapter 37 Know what you want

Chapter 38 Short-term vision (the next 90 days)

Chapter 39 Medium-term vision (1–5 years)

Chapter 40 Long-term vision (5+ years)

Chapter 41 Written plans

Chapter 42 Visualisation

Chapter 43 Resources

Part 7 Your career

Chapter 44 The Career Wheel

Chapter 45 Right job?

Chapter 46 Fun and enjoyment

Chapter 47 Challenge

Chapter 48 Salary and benefits

Chapter 49 Convenience

Chapter 50 Future

Chapter 51 Personal effectiveness

Part 8 Your personal development

Chapter 52 The Personal Development Wheel

Chapter 53 Positive attitude

Chapter 54 Confidence

Chapter 55 Motivation

Chapter 56 Open to change

Chapter 57 Courses

Chapter 58 Reading

Chapter 59 Keeping a journal

Chapter 60 Mentors

Final note

Michael Heppell is the UK’s number one motivational trainer. His programmes on Brilliance have been attended by thousands of individuals and used by hundreds of companies across the UK and overseas as a way to motivate individuals to be all they can be. His current clients include major blue chip companies, high street retailers and Government bodies, plus individuals. Michael Heppell is also the bestselling author of Flip It; How to Be Brilliant; Brilliant Life; and Five Star Service.