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GCSE Bitesize Science AQA Class Pack New Ed

GCSE Bitesize Science AQA Class Pack New Ed

Nigel Saunders

Feb 2011, Valuepack
ISBN13: 9781406666212
ISBN10: 1406666211
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The GCSE Bitesize Science Complete Revision and Practice offers the complete revision experience for students through a book and an interactive CD-ROM with direct links to the popular BBC Bitesize revision website.

Specially designed interactive tools allow students to plan their revision, identify the topics they need to work on most, test and check their progress.

It helps students build the skills and confidence they need for exam success.

It offers:

  • Topic checker - this covers key questions on all topics so that students can build up an idea of what they do or don’t know, to help them focus on their areas of weakness.
  • Interactive book – this core content is supported by AudioBites, ExamBites, and WebBites linked directly to the BBC Bitesize revision website for saving time*. The content on each topic is easy to follow with a summary of ideas to start, highlighted key facts, tips on common mistakes and good answers. A range of short-answer questions complete the topic.
  • The Last-minute learner – this condenses the most important facts in a few pages for that final revision.
  • Exam questions - model answers give the opportunity to practise exam technique and improve performance.
  • Revision planner – this downloadable interactive calendar helps each student organise their revision and keep them on track.
  • Suitable for all the main examining boards (except for Science AQA).
  • The single user licence CD-ROM can be used on a PC or Mac.

* Not all subjects contain these features, depending on their exam requirements.