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Employment Law

Employment Law

6th Edition

Malcolm Sargeant, David Lewis

May 2012, Paperback, 464 pages
ISBN13: 9781408283097
ISBN10: 1408283093
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Employment Lawoffers comprehensive coverage of all key aspects of individual and collective employment law. Sargeant and Lewis present the wealth of case law and legislation involved in this area in an exceedingly clear manner, enabling students to grasp a full understanding of the intricacies of this fascinating and constantly evolving subject with ease.

1. The study of employment law

2. The employment relationship

3. The contract of employment

4. Termination of employment

5. Equality - prohibited conduct and equality of terms

6. Equality - protected characteristics

7. Time and pay

8. Parental and maternity rights

9. Business restructuring

10. Trade Unions

11. Collective bargaining and industrial action

  • Mylawchamber – supporting learning through, interactive multiple choice questions, practice exam questions with guidance, weblinks, legal newsfeed and legal updates.
  • Chapter summaries highlight the central themes of key cases in the subject.
  • Further reading lists at the end of each chapter direct students to subject-specific resources to enrich understanding.

Malcolm Sargeant is Professor of Labour Law at Middlesex University. He has authored and contributed to a number of books, journals and other publications on employment and discrimination law subjects for both students and practitioners.

David Lewis is Professor of Employment Law at Middlesex University. He has written specialist and general books in the area and has published articles in several countries. David has considerable experience as a consultant and is on the ACAS panel of arbitrators.

“A clear, straightforward and well written text book dealing with all the subject areas in an understandable and coherent way.” Frank Dignan, University of Hull