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Essentials of Corporate Financial Management

Essentials of Corporate Financial Management

2nd Edition

Glen Arnold

Nov 2012, Paperback, 568 pages
ISBN13: 9780273758877
ISBN10: 027375887X
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Essentials of Corporate Financial Management supports courses designed to cover the core topics of finance in 15 to 30 hours of lectures. The book is suitable for undergraduate students studying finance as part of a business related degree, MBA students, and others studying finance at business schools. It also provides the foundation elements needed by students going on to study more advanced finance.

The step-by-step learning approach enables students to achieve a high level of financial knowledge without assuming a prior knowledge of finance. Selected core topics and key concepts are delivered with depth, allowing students to gain an understanding of the topical debates within this field, where disagreement or alternative perspectives lead to lively discussion.

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Chapter 1, The financial world

Chapter 2, Project appraisal: Net present value and internal rate of return

Chapter 3, Practical project appraisal

Chapter 4, Risk and project appraisal

Chapter 5, Portfolio theory and capital asset pricing model

Chapter 6, Equity capital

Chapter 7, Debt finance

Chapter 8, The cost of capital

Chapter 9, Value-based management

Chapter 10, Valuing shares and companies

Chapter 11, Capital structure

Chapter 12, Dividend policy


I Future value of £1 at compound interest

II Present value of £1 at compound interest

III Present value of an annuity of £1 at compound interest

IV Future value of an annuity of £1 at compound interest

V Areas under the standardised normal distribution

VI Answers to the mathematical tools exercises in Chapter 2, Appendix 2.1

VII Solutions to selected questions and problems




  • An accessible approach with all mathematical concepts introduced in an easy-to-follow style.
  • Comprehensive coverage of the key elements of practical financial decision making.
  • Financial Times articles used throughout to highlight the subject’s real-world relevance, illustrate the significance of the core material and equip students to understand the financial press.
  • Up-to-date case studies feature leading UK and European companies coping with financial issues.
  • Value-based management is explained and put in context.
  • Each chapter contains leaning objectives, chapter outlines, case studies, self-review questions, quick mathematical questions and more detailed Q&As.
  • An extensive and comprehensive glossary of key financial terms.
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Glen Arnold is a businessman, investor and professor of investment at the University of Salford. He is the author of numerous finance and investing books including the best-sellers, Corporate Financial Management, The Great Investors and The Financial Times Guide to Investing, all published by Financial Times/Prentice Hall