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Pettet's Company Law

Pettet's Company Law

Company Law and Corporate Finance
4th Edition

John Lowry, Arad Reisberg

Apr 2012, Paperback, 660 pages
ISBN13: 9781408272831
ISBN10: 1408272830
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Pettet, Lowry & Reisberg's Company Lawoffers a sophisticated and comprehensive overview of company law doctrine coupled with thorough analysis of the context within which the black letter rules operate. Company Law provides analysis of the theories, policies and wider social, economic and political influences which underpin the legal principles. The authors present the complexities of the subject in a clear, highly readable manner which is accessible and manageable for students.

Contents in brief

Foreword to the third edition

Preface to the fourth edition

Preface to the first edition


Table of cases

Table of statutes

Table of statutory instruments

Table of European legislation

1 Treaties and conventions

2 Secondary legislation

Part I Foundation and Theory

1 The nature of company law

2 Corporate entity, limited liability and incorporation

3 Legal theory and company law

Part II The constitution of the company

4 Entrenchment of rights

5 Organisation of functions and corporate powers

6 Relations with third parties: agency and constitutional limitations

Part III Corporate Governance

7 The governance problem and the mechanisms of meetings

8 Duties of directors

9 Role of self-regulation

10 Shareholder litigation: the derivative claim

11 Shareholder litigation: winding up on just and equitable grounds and the unfair prejudice remedy

Part IV Corporate Finance Law

12 Techniques of corporate finance

13 Raising and maintenance of capital

14 Financial assistance for the acquisition of shares

Part V Securities Regulation

15 Policy and theory in securities regulation/capital markets law

16 Credit rating agencies and their role in capital markets

17 The regulatory machinery of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000

18 The regulation of public offerings of shares

19 The regulation of insider dealing and market abuse

20 The regulation of takeovers

Part VI Insolvency and liquidation

21 Insolvency and liquidation procedures

22 Disqualification of directors

  • Analysis of the theories, policies and wider social, economic and political influences which underpin the legal principles.
  • Engaging author commentary, written by subject experts, and a range of innovative stylistic features, with interactive online support.
  • Mylawchamber – supporting learning through, practice exam questions, weblinks, legal newsfeed and legal updates.

John Lowry is Professor of Commercial Law at UCL and an Honorary Fellow of Monash University.

Arad Reisberg is a Reader in corporate and financial law and Vice Dean for research at UCL Laws. He is also the Director of the UCL Centre for Commercial Law.

"John Lowry and Arad Reisberg rise more than admirably to the task of assimilating, explaining and analysing this vast corpus of legal material. The text is pellucidly clear, analytically précis, judicious in its balance in dealing with the various topics, comprehensive, and always cognisant of the policy issues. The contributors have done justice to the legacy of Pettet's previous editions." Professor Dan Prentice, Oxford, UCL and Erskine Chambers

“A must-have book for anyone teaching and/or having an interest in Company Law. It is written in an engaging and clear style, and manages to make an otherwise dry subject rather lively and topical without compromising on the detail of the substantive law.”
Dr Renginee Pillay, University of Surrey

“An excellent homage to Pettet. An intelligent and literary read. Useful and comprehensive.”
Dr Paul Omar, University of Sussex

For anyone interested in, or studying, company law, Pettet's Company Law: Company and Capital Markets is an invaluable text… For an area of law which is notoriously complex, [it is] lucidly written. It provides both a thought-provoking and engaging consideration of the law.”
Student Law Journal, review of a previous edition