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Rules of Work 2e ePub eBook

Rules of Work 2e ePub eBook

A definitive code for personal success
2nd Edition

Richard Templar

Jul 2012, ePub eBook
ISBN13: 9780273745143
ISBN10: 027374514X
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"This is a definitive code for personal business success...Key points, concisely made, that can steer anyone through the minefield of office life."

Management Today

“Learn the lessons of Richard Templar’s bestselling book “The Rules of Work”, and then sit back as your career rockets through the stratosphere…..Templar knows the truth about work and all those tens of thousands of readers know it too.”

David Bolchover, The Daily Telegraph

Some people are simply great at their job. They glide effortlessly onwards and upwards through all the politics, the backstabbing, the system, and the nonsense that goes on.

They always seem to say the right thing; do the right thing. They are mentioned in every conversation. Everybody likes them. They get promoted. They get pay rises. They get on with the boss. And somehow, they do all these things without being unpleasant, breaking much of a sweat or seeming to put in excess effort. And when they are offered another step up the corporate ladder or a fabulous new job, no-one is surprised – after all, they have 'potential' written all over them.

How do they do it? Do they know some secret we don’t?

Yes, they know The Rules of Work. These rules aren’t about how to do your job, day-to-day (we assume you are pretty good at that already). The Rules of Work are about how you are seen to be doing it – brilliantly and efficiently of course. They are about how you appear to others – successful and confident of course. And they are about helping you to achieve the success you richly deserve.

Reviews of the First Edition:

“… can steer anyone through the minefield of office life.” Management Today

“This is the book to help you achieve all your career ambitions.” Short List, May 2008


1: Walk your talk

2: Know that you're being judged at all times

3: Have a plan

4: If you can't say anything nice — shut up

5: Look after yourself

6: Blend in

7: Act one step ahead

8: Cultivate diplomacy

9: Know the system — and milk it

10: Handle the opposition

11: Breaking the Rule

Richard Templar is an astute observer of human behaviour and understands what makes the difference between those of us that effortlessly glide towards success and those of us that struggle against the tide. He has distilled these observations into his Rules titles. Over 1 million people around the world have enjoyed and now play by Richard Templar's Rules.

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