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Law Express Question and Answer: Evidence Law (Q&A Revision Guide)

Law Express Question and Answer: Evidence Law (Q&A Revision Guide)

Rita D'Alton-Harrison

Jan 2012, Paperback, 288 pages
ISBN13: 9781408266670
ISBN10: 1408266679
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"For a revision book I feel it has no weakness - it has everything the students need"
Dr Claire McGourlay, Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Sheffield

Law Express Question and Answer: Evidence is designed to help you get the most out of every answer you write by improving your understanding of what examiners are looking for, helping you to focus in on the question being asked and showing you how even a good answer can be improved.

Chapter 1: Introductory Concepts

Chapter 2: Competence, Compellability and Special Measures

Chapter 3: Examination of Witnesses at Trial

Chapter 4: Hearsay

Chapter 5: Opinion Evidence and Previous Judgments at Trial

Chapter 6: Character Evidence

Chapter 7: Improperly Obtained Evidence and Confessions

Chapter 8: Identification Evidence

Chapter 9: Denials and Silence

Chapter 10: Supporting Evidence and Lies

Chapter 11. Disclosure, Privilege and Public Interest Immunity

Chapter 12. Mixed Problem Questions

  • Each Answeris a realistic length for an exam and is accompanied by guidance that highlights why elements of the answer have been included and how they relate back to the question
  • Clear and concise Answer plans and Diagram plans cater to all learning styles and help you to plan your answer quickly and effectively for problem and essay style questions
  • Make your answer stand outencourages you to recognise how each answer provided could be improved in order to earn even more marks
  • Don’t be tempted toalerts you to common pitfalls you should avoid

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  • Get additional exam support with a host of practice questions and You be the marker exercises

Rita D'Alton-Harrison is a Lecturer in Law at the Universityof Hertfordshire.