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Brilliant Job Hunting

Brilliant Job Hunting

Your complete guide to getting the job you want
3rd Edition

Angela Fagan

Dec 2010, Paperback, 264 pages
ISBN13: 9780273743972
ISBN10: 027374397X
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Brilliant Job Hunting is the comprehensive start-to-finish guide to finding your dream job quickly and easily.

We all know just how time-consuming and stressful finding a job can be. Once you’re past the first major hurdle of deciding which job you really want to do, you’ve got so many other things to deal with - finding the job, preparing your CV, passing the interview, standing out from the rest and dealing with setbacks along the way. It’s not easy!

Brilliant Job Hunting is the complete start-to-finish manual of everything you need to know, from writing your CV, knowing where to look, interview techniques and negotiating a job offer.

This book covers all elements of job hunting in precise detail all in one concise informative guide. This new edition now includes new up-to-date information on social networking, including information on LinkedIn and Facebook.

part 1 Where to start

1 What to consider

2 Preparing and writing your CV

part 2 Finding the job

3 Making a start

4 Recruitment consultants

5 Online recruitment

6 Newspapers and trade publications

7 Where else to look?

part 3 Applying for the job

8 Application forms

9 Covering letters

10 Telephone interviews

11 Assessment centres

12 Panel interviews

13 Psychometric testing

14 The interview

15 Interview questions and answers

16 After the interview

part 4 Dealing with offers and rejections

17 Job offers

18 Dealing with rejection

Angela Fagan is currently the Co-Director of a specialist recruitment organisation, as well as a partner in a career counselling business. She has broad experience in providing job hunting advice and has worked for a variety of recruitment organisations, including four years at Adeco.