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Brilliant Answers to Tough Interview Questions

Brilliant Answers to Tough Interview Questions

4th Edition

Susan Hodgson

Nov 2010, Paperback, 304 pages
ISBN13: 9780273743897
ISBN10: 0273743899
This product has been replaced by Brilliant Answers to Tough Interview Questions

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What does it take to really shine in your interview?

Interviews are your chance to showcase your talents. Get it right and you could nail the job of your dreams, get it wrong and you could be in for a stressful time.

Learn how to recognise your strengths and how to play to them, how to deal with your weak spots and how to avoid panic and clichéd answers. Discover the art of turning every question to your advantage, and learn the secrets behind a brilliant answer, so you will always know the right things to say.

This new edition has been completely updated and refined throughout. Changes include a completely updated chapter on pre-interview preparation, a new section on changing careers and coming back to work after unemployment and clearer information on discrimination acts and how to deal with illegal questioning

Packed with over 200 of the most commonly asked questions and ideal answers, this is the book that will make sure you are ready to handle anything.

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1 The point of preparation - the art of preparation

2 Make your learning their education

3 Work to impress

4 Is this the place for you?

5 The personal touch

6 Choice, change and chance

7 Climbing the ladder

8 Are you confident that you are competent?

9 Your Achilles’ heel

10 An equal chance of success

11 Turning the tables

12 And finally

Index of questions

Susan Hodgson previously ran a university careers service and worked closely with students preparing them to take many of the tests covered here and helping them to deal with the results. She also worked closely with employers helping them to use her practising students as guinea pigs for some of their aptitude test development. Susan's own first degree is in psychology and she now works as an independent careers consultant and writer.