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Brilliant CV

Brilliant CV

What employers want to see and how to write it
4th Edition

Jim Bright, Joanne Earl

Dec 2010, Paperback, 304 pages
ISBN13: 9780273744016
ISBN10: 0273744011
This product has been replaced by How to Write a Brilliant CV

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When you apply for a job, your CV is compared to hundreds of others. You've only got the time it takes the employer to scan the pages to show how brilliant you are. How do you impress them when you don't know what employers are actually looking for? This book tells you what they want to read - and how to write it.

This bestselling guide is based on research among employers and recruiters, revealing what they look for and how the recruitment industry operates, and will show you:

  • how to put together a brilliant CV from scratch
  • how to revamp an existing CV to make it brilliant
  • examples and explanations of CVs that employers love and those they loathe
  • how to address tricky CV questions

Updated and refreshed to include new examples, techniques and innovative ways to write highly effective content, this guide ensure you know what works in the real world.




Part 1 Writing a CV from scratch

1 How to sell yourself

2 The applicant-employer fit

3 Where is the prime suspect?

4 How to read a job ad

5 Job descriptions

6 Do you fit the job?

7 What sort of person are you?

8 Making the perfect fit

9 Presenting your CV

Part 2 The icing on the cake

10 Mind your language!

11 Using competency statements

12 Telling tales

13 Using career objectives

14 Job application letters

Part 3 The doctor is in - your problems solved

15 Addressing selection criteria

16 CV makeovers

17 Tricky CV issues

Part 4 Resource bank - useful ingredients and tips

18 Finding out, finding others and being found: Job searching for a new decade

19 Internet sites and other resources

Jim Bright is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of New South Wales, Australia. Jim is British, but has lived and worked in Australia for many years. He is the author of Should I Stay or Should I Go, also published by Prentice Hall Business.