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How to Argue

How to Argue

3rd Edition

Alastair Bonnett

Jun 2011, Paperback, 144 pages
ISBN13: 9780273743859
ISBN10: 0273743856
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The new and expanded edition of this short skills text elucidates key techniques and best practice for ensuring a cohesive, rigorous and convincing argument can be presented within an academic context. Appropriate for students across the disciplines, the author first deconstructs the basic principles that make good argument, and then - using appropriate examples and case studies to illustrate – develops practical skills and techniques for students to apply in their academic career and beyond. Practical exercises encourage self-learning and application of the techniques.



How to use this book: Quick Route

Introduction: How Not to Argue

The art of the plausible: argument in the real world

1 Getting Started: the first steps in developing your argument

2 Structuring Your Argument: putting your ideas in order

3 Arguments for All Occasions: different assingments require different approaches

4 How to Criticise Arguments: key terms for critical engagement

5 Arguing Out Loud: Oral Presentations: how to stand up and deliver a convincing argument

6 How to be Original: making your argument stand out

Afterword: Having Something to Say


Further reading


· Tips, examples, checklists, ‘Try This’ boxes, 2 colour design.

· A common sense, no-nonsense approach that gives students immediate access to the information they need. Relevant content with a focus on key issues and instant solutions.

· Each topic is matched to an issue, event or assignment that the student will want to read up on at a time of need.

· Each topic will only be a few pages long with practical lists and tips.

· Updated and revised content throughout.

· Annotated table of contents to help readers find exactly what they need.

Alastair Bonnett is Professor of Social Geography in the school of Geography, Politics & Sociology at Newcastle University.