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How to sell with NLP

How to sell with NLP

The Powerful Way to Guarantee Your Sales Success

Pat Hutchinson

Sep 2010, Paperback, 204 pages
ISBN13: 9780273735427
ISBN10: 027373542X
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Learn the powerful techniques of NLP to enhance your influence and gain the competitive edge in any sales pitch.

This practical guide to using NLP in sales includes real life examples to illustrate techniques that have amazed sales people with many years experience. It also

contains easy to follow exercises and tips to practice in real situations.

This book will enable you to use powerful NLP techniques to; increase sales, develop trust & rapport, handle any challenge and close a sale elegantly and effectively.

Focusing on the sales person as facilitator, this book will also:-

- Reveal the 6 areas of limitation that sales people place on themselves, their prospects and their products and give readers the tools to remove them.

- Enable readers to read and utilise a prospect’s buying and decision making patterns.

- Provide a set of NLP tools to achieve win/win outcomes for the sales person and their prospects.

About the author


Introduction: Think, act and sell!

01 Selling in the twenty-first century

02 Building strong relationships

03 How clients make decisions

04 Aligning with your role, your clients and your organisation

05 Believing your way to success

06 What are you aiming for?

07 Rapport gets you everywhere

08 The elegant language of sales

09 Using frames to keep control

10 Selling to groups

11 The NLP sales process


Pat Hutchinson established Quadrant 1 International and is currently Sales and Marketing Director at the company. Using NLP techniques long before she ever trained as an NLP trainer, Pat developed sales teams across the world including Europe, Asia and North America. Pat has since incorporated this experience into her NLP business teaching and currently uses NLP to help people in business.