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How to Argue

How to Argue

Powerfully, Persuasively, Positively

Jonathan Herring

Oct 2010, Paperback, 240 pages
ISBN13: 9780273734185
ISBN10: 0273734180
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Written by a leading lawyer with first-hand experience of some of the toughest arguments, How to Argue is a fun, entertaining and no-holds-barred guide to everything you need to know about arguing.

We all do it every day; arguing is part of life. We can do it unknowingly, sometimes subtly and sometimes very explosively, but however we do it, most of us know that we argue badly.

Imagine being able to face any argument free of the fear, confusion and intimidation that your opponent is probably experiencing. Imagine knowing that, win or lose, your argument has been made convincingly, confidently and without losing your temper.

In How To Argue you’ll learn all the golden rules of successful arguing and explore many of the situations in life and work where arguments are most likely to happen.

This is the definitive guide to how to argue persuasively, positively and powerfully - in any situation.

Part 1: The ten golden rules of argument

1 Golden Rule 1:

Be prepared

2 Golden Rule 2:

When to argue, when to walk away

3 Golden Rule 3:

What you say and how you say it

4 Golden Rule 4:

Listen and listen again

5 Golden Rule 5:

Excel at responding to arguments

6 Golden Rule 6:

Watch out for crafty tricks

7 Golden Rule 7:

Develop the skills for arguing in public

8 Golden Rule 8:

Be able to argue in writing

9 Golden Rule 9:

Be great at resolving deadlock

10 Golden Rule 10:

Maintain relationships

Part 2: Situations where arguments commonly arise

11 How to argue with those you love

12 How to argue with your children

13 Arguments at work

14 How to complain

15 How to get what you want from an expert

16 Arguing when you know you're in the wrong

17 Arguing again and again

18 Doormats

19 How to be a good winner

20 To recap