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Brilliant Trainee Teacher

Brilliant Trainee Teacher

What you need to know to be a truly outstanding teacher

Denise Smith

Mar 2011, Paperback, 288 pages
ISBN: 9780273732464
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What does it really take to become a brilliant teacher?

Teaching is one of the most rewarding careers you can choose – so make sure you leave nothing to chance as you embark on your journey towards Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

Brilliant Trainee Teacheris your practical guide to gaining the skills, knowledge and experience you need to become a successful practitioner and begin your teaching career. Identify the best route into teaching for you, secure a place on the course you want, manage your workload, shine during your teaching placements and achieve great results both in the classroom and on your assignments.


  • Excel during your teacher training course
  • Obtain QTS with confidence
  • Secure your first post as a fully-fledged classroom teacher


Part 1 Starting out

1 How to get into teaching

2 Experience weeks

3 The course

Part 2 Teaching practice

4 Entering your training school

5 Observing lessons

6 Preparing for your first lessons

Part 3 Ideas for delivering high-quality lessons

7 Learning styles

8 Assessment for learning

9 Meeting individual needs

10 E-learning

11 Lesson planning

12 Being observed

Part 4 Classroom management and working with others

13 Behaviour management

14 Working with others

Part 5 Looking ahead

15 Applying for jobs

16 Preparation for your first job

Conclusion: Staying sane


1 Teacher training courses

2 An example of a lesson plan

3 An example of a behaviour contract

4 Brilliant websites

5 Brilliant further reading

6 Acronyms

This book will help the reader to:

  • Excel during their teacher training course
  • Obtain Qualified Teacher Status (QTA) with confidence
  • Secure their first post as a fully-fledged classroom teacher
  • Expert Reviews

    "Contains a wealth of specific advice on such key topics as choosing the right course and making the most of school experience weeks - there is much in Denise Smith's bright and inspiring overview of the journey towards Qualified Teacher Status that you are likely to find fresh, inspiring and relevant regardless of how much classroom experience you have under your belt."

    - Teach Secondary

    "This is essential reading for anyone thinking of going into teaching. Denise Smith takes the reader on a journey through the whole process... nothing is left out here. If you know anyone who has just entered or is about to enter teaching, go get them this book!"

    - The Teacher, magazine for the NUT

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