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Use the power of targeted thinking to get more done
2nd Edition

Jurgen Wolff

Mar 2010, Paperback, 256 pages
ISBN13: 9780273734611
ISBN10: 027373461X
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Feeling distracted? Scattered? Time is slipping away from you? You’re not alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Using revolutionary time management techniques you will find out how to super charge your mind power and focus on what matters most - your goals and your achievements.

Focus shows you how to direct energy without distraction to the key tasks that lead you to success. Based on the latest research, these techniques make it easy for you to overcome information overload, stress and procrastination and concentrate on what’s really important.

Using these recent discoveries in time management, like how to achieve a state of flow that can lead to maximum achievement in minimum time, Focus will show you how you can move swiftly towards your most important goals.

The result: you reach your goals quickly and with less effort.


Foreword by Bob Cochran, co-creator of 24 vii

About the author ix

Introduction How creating focus will change your life xi

Part 1 Finding your focus

1 How to focus on your vital 20%

2 How to focus on your first goals

Part 2 Your focus strategies 35

3 How to focus your time patterns for success

4 How to overcome the obstacles to focus

5 How to focus on what already works

6 How to (finally) beat procrastination

Part 3 Your focus tools 93

7 How to use the Alter Ego strategy

8 How to manage other people

9 How to focus your language for extraordinary results

10 How to create information focus

11 How to conquer the paper mountain

12 How to tame the email monster

13 How to master meetings and networking

Part 4 Putting it all together 181

14 How to deal with deadlines and multiple projects

15 How to maintain your new found focus

16 The goals breakthrough experience

17 How to put it all together to reach all your goals

Jurgen Wolff is the author of Your Writing Coach (Nicholas Brealey Publishing), Do Something Different (Virgin Books), and Successful Scriptwriting (Writers Digest Press, with Kerry Cox). He’s also written many articles, including a personal development column for the Times Educational Supplement.

He teaches workshops on personal development, time management, creativity, and writing around the world. Jurgen has lectured at the University of Southern California, for the Skyros Institute, the Academy for Chief Executives, and for Fremantle Media, the London School of Journalism, the European Media programme, and at private workshops in the United States, England, Spain, Germany, Denmark, France, South Africa, Belgium, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Jurgen is a Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner and a certified hypnotherapist and Time Line therapist. He is the author of our upcoming title, Creativity Now as well as, Series Editor for the For Entrepreneurs series and author of Marketing for Entrepreneurs.