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The Secrets of Success in Coaching

The Secrets of Success in Coaching

12 ways to excel as a coach

Mick Cope

Aug 2010, Paperback, 152 pages
ISBN13: 9780273731849
ISBN10: 027373184X
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Secrets of Success in Coaching will bring a breath of fresh air to a subject dominated by case-driven and model-based scenarios. It seeks to demystify and open up the coaching practise and provide tried, tested and solid ways for any coach to develop their skills.

Packed full of essential core skills, plain facts and essential tips, tricks and advice all learnt from years of experience, it’s simple to follow, easy to understand and everything is delivered in a friendly and very accessible way.

As a method of training, directing and developing people, coaching continues to increase in popularity and is one of the most common tools used to help people improve their professional and private lives.

At last, here’s a book that strips away the usual complicated and unwieldy approaches and leaves just the golden nuggets, the insider knowledge and the real secrets of success; everything you really need to know to be the best coach you can be.


1. Creating the perfect coach/client relationship

Find the right client – you can’t coach someone who doesn’t want to change

Separate those who will from those who won’t

2. Set the Scene

Check if it is a project with legs and will last

Make sure it is about them and not others

Focus on just one thing at a time

Like a good diet – little and often is best

Make it measurable

Check if it will it have real impact

Ready, aim and fire

3. Always work in three dimensions

Every Choice has three dimensions

Dimension Forces

Using 3D Questions

Working in a 3D world

4. Look at what people do, not what they say

Understand how people create and build personal goals

Challenge creates achievable goals

Coaching Questions

Always align words with deeds

5. Ask the killer question – “So what is stopping you?”

Try to understand the clients FEARS

Fear is often a fantasy and not a fact

Beware when the client’s fear becomes a ‘fact’

Learn to identify FEAR patterns

Always have the courage to challenge the FEAR patterns

Using questions to fight the fear

In many if not most cases – the client will fight your challenge

You can help the client shift from Fantasy to Fact

What the client sees is what they get

6. Learn to push the pause button

Just like a video – you can press the pause button to see the detail

Use the PAUSE Point as if it were a camera lens

Coaching Questions

7. If the client doesn’t know what good looks like, how will they know when they are there?

Help them to reach out and touch the outcome

How to test whether an outcome is wanted and achievable

Coaching Questions

8. There is only one coaching style; the one that works best for the client

Map the preferred style

Accidental style – loose and relaxed

Backstage style – offer protection and cloud cover

Controlled style – give them structure

Debate style – leave space to talk

Coaching questions

The emergent style – adapting to the moment

9. Listen and look for what’s not being said

The levels

Coaching questions

10. If you do what you always did – you will get what you always got!

Beware the client who asks you what they should do

Always push the boundary

Great solutions are uncovered in three stages

Stage 1 – What could you do

Stage 2 – What would you do?

Stage 3 – What should you do?

Be clear what your role is in the solution stage

11. Good coaches help people change – great coaches help the change stick

Always be alert to any reversion to old ways

Holding the gain is generally harder than getting it

Turn down the forces that cause failure

Turn up the forces that resist failure

Coaching Questions

Failure is natural – accepting it is a choice

12. Look back and learn

Tools that help the client to learn

Learning Questions

And finally

Mick Cope has published seven books including the 7Cs of Coaching (9780273681106); Lead Yourself (9781843040040) and 7Cs of Consulting (9780273663331). He is the founder of WizOz, a network-based organisation that seeks to help businesses and individuals optimise their full potential.

He has a number of goals in life, the simple one is to live a life of personal freedom where he is able to think, feel and behave according to his values and not succumb to the demands of others. The more challenging one is to help 1000 people achieve the same in their life.