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How to Sell

How to Sell

Sell anything to anyone

Jo Owen

Jul 2010, Paperback, 280 pages
ISBN13: 9780273731276
ISBN10: 0273731270
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We all have to sell – every day we sell ideas, agendas, priorities. Our ability to do this is crucial to our success in and out of work.

How to Sell is the definitive book on selling. High on practice, low on theory, it demystifies the sales process. Keeping things simple, it distils selling into four core parts:

  • You – your image, your approach.
  • The conversation – the art of persuasion.
  • The relationship – how to nurture professional relationships.
  • Your network – how to grow from one relationship to the next.

How to Sell will teach readers the art of persuasion, relationship management, networking and personal impact – skills nobody can do without.

About the author



1. Preparing to succeed

2. Persuasive conversations

3. The principles and mindset of success

4. The sins of selling: how to fail


5. Key account management

6. Relationship management

7. Bids and tenders

8. Dealing with the tough stuff

Conclusion: the sales journey


Jo Owen has an outstanding track record of leading and creating businesses in the UK and Japan. Most recently he is the founder and Director of Strategy for Teach First - a not for profit initiative that takes the top graduates from UK universities and places them in inner city primary schools for two years before going on to a corporate career. He writes the leadership column for the Institute of Directors and as Director of Strategy for Teach First is shaping their “Learning to Lead” programme for top UK graduates. Jo is the author of the bestselling How To Manage and How to Lead.