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Flip It

Flip It

How to get the best out of everything

Michael Heppell

Sep 2009, Paperback, 168 pages
ISBN13: 9780273727514
ISBN10: 0273727516
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It seems we’re all growing more negative. Bad news on the TV and in the papers makes us all feel fed up and we find it easier to talk about what’s wrong instead of looking for what’s good.

But imagine knowing a simple trick that you could use to help you feel better about everything. No matter how bad, how upsetting, how annoying or how frustrating the situation, wouldn’t it be great if you had the power to take it on and make it better?

Well, that simple trick does exist and it’s time to learn how to Flip It.

This fantastic book will show you a different way of thinking, acting, feeling and doing whereby you can easily and simply get the very best out of every situation you find yourself in.

You’ll learn straightforward techniques that you can use to make the bad times more bearable, the good times better than ever and everyday life just, well, less ‘everyday’.

Then, with a little practice, you’ll learn how to Flip It swiftly, instantly and successfully to turn even the most pressing problems into the best possible experiences.

And once you’ve learned to Flip It with ease, just like super-successful people have been doing for thousands of years, you’ll find, at home and at work, your life is more fun, more successful, more rewarding and more positive.

Embrace the power of the Flip It philosophy today and discover how brilliant it feels to shine and live your life full of positivity, possibility and purpose.


Chapter One Finding Flip It

Chapter Two Flip It for Confidence & Happiness

Chapter Three Flip It for Love, Friends and Family

Chapter Four Flip It for Health

Chapter Five Flip It for Money

Chapter Six Flip It for Success

Chapter Seven Flip It for Creativity

Chapter Eight Flip It at Work & in Business

Chapter Nine Flip It for Your Fantastic Future

Chapter Ten Flip It for Everything Else

The end bit


Michael Heppel is described as the UK's number one motivational trainer and is the author of the bestselling 'How to Be Brilliant' and 'Brilliant Life'. Michael's 'Brilliant' seminars and workshops have been attended by thousands of people and are used by hundreds of companies across the UK and overseas to boost motivation. His current clients include major blue chip companies, high street retailers and Government bodies.

"It's brilliant, it's simple, it's a joy" Chris Evans, BBC Radio 2

"I've read loads of self help books...this is the simplest, this is the best" Chris Evans, BBC Radio 2