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Law Express: Criminology (Revision Guide)

Law Express: Criminology (Revision Guide)

Noel Cross

Aug 2012, Paperback, 176 pages
ISBN13: 9781405874274
ISBN10: 1405874279
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From the makers of the bestselling law revision series, Law Express: Criminology is designed to help both law and social science students revise effectively. This is your guide to understanding essential concepts, remembering and applying key theories, developing good critical analysis, and making your answers stand out.



Guided tour

Guided tour of the companion website

Chapter 1: What is Crime?

Chapter 2: Measuring Crime

Chapter 3: Who Commits Crime?

Chapter 4: Crime and the Media

Chapter 5: Classicist Criminology

Chapter 6: Biological Positivist Criminology

Chapter 7: Psychological Explanations of Crime

Chapter 8: Sociological Explanations of Crime

Chapter 9: Contemporary Criminology

Chapter 10: Theories of Justice and Penology

And finally, before the exam…

Glossary of terms


  • Reviews the key theorists and theories, sources and terminology you will need to know for your exam.
  • Shows you how to maximise your marks by bringing in areas of further thinking and debate. Also points out common pitfalls and ways to avoid losing marks.
  • Gives you helpful advice to revise effectively and improve your exam performance when it counts.
  • Subject-specific companion websites help you build a personal study plan, try sample exam questions, test your recall with interactive flashcards, listen to audio advice and more!

Noel Cross is Principle Lecturer in Criminal Justice at the School of Law, Liverpool John Moores University.