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Augustine of Hippo (Library of World Biography Series)

Augustine of Hippo (Library of World Biography Series)

Thomas Martin, Allan Fitzgerald

Nov 2010, Paperback, 176 pages
ISBN13: 9780205568314
ISBN10: 0205568319
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Augustine of Hippo: Faithful Servant, Spiritual Leader, part of the Libary of World Biography Series, 1/e, is a concise and readable text. Each interpretive biography in the Library of World Biography Series focuses on a person whose actions and ideas either significantly influenced world events or whose life reflects important themes and developments in global history.


Chapter One: Augustine’s World

Chapter Two: Augustine’s Childhood — A Son of Great Promise (conf. I.16.26)

Chapter Three: Augustine’s Youth — Sizzling in Carthage (conf. III.1.1)

Chapter Four: Augustine the Man — In Pursuit of a Future

Chapter Five: Augustine’s Conversion — The doctors call it a crisis! (cf. conf. VI.1.1)

Chapter Six: Augustine the Convert — Comings and Goings

Chapter Seven: Augustine the Priest — A Future Found, a Past Remembered

Chapter Eight: Augustine and the Donatist challenge — Compelling Love

Chapter Nine: Augustine, Bishop of Hippo Regius — Building Community

Chapter Ten: Augustine and God’s Freedom — Against All Odds

Chapter Eleven: Augustine the Spiritual Leader — A Dying City


A Note on the Sources

  • The book contains extensive quotations from Augustine's Confessions.
  • The text will help students understand the period in which Augustine lived and his legacy through the author's interpretation of the current body of literature on Augustine as well as through Augustine's own words.
  • The book is ideal for students who only have a general idea of the time period in which Augustine lived, placing Augustine's life within the broader historical context and exploring its impact on Western civilization.