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Just Ask the Right Questions to Get What You Want

Just Ask the Right Questions to Get What You Want

Ian Cooper

Apr 2007, Paperback, 192 pages
ISBN13: 9780273712787
ISBN10: 0273712780
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Do you know what holds you back more than anything else? Ian Cooper believes the answer is simple: we are all held back by our failure to ask for what we want. He believes that by asking the right questions of others and ourselves we can all achieve personal and professional success.

Ian Cooper puts each of us on the path to success by:

  • Revealing the golden rules of asking.
  • Introducing his formula: the 'Technology of Questions'
  • Enabling us to change our mindsets to 'Just Ask'
  • Demonstrating how particular types of questions can be used in varied situations.
  • Encouraging us to consider a whole range of personal thought questions, which focus on particular issues to enhance the quality of our lives and improve our personal performance.

Relevant to both your personal and professional life, Ian Cooper will assist you in understanding the power of positive questioning and help you to get what you want when you want it.

By the end of the book you will have subconciously absorbed the 'Just Ask' mindset allowing you to know how to ask the right questions to get the best outcomes.

Develop conversation, assertiveness and business skills as you are guided through a series of 'real life' examples to help you to apply the techiques you learn to your own life and situations.


There are three sections to this book:

1. The golden Rules of Asking

For example:

  • Be Blunt and ask openly
  • Ask yourself... what can we do differently?
  • Don't assume the answer will be no without asking the question.
  • Ask yourself, what is the worst that can happen if you get a 'no'?
  • Think big... ask for the impossible.

2. The Technology of Questions.

For example:

  • Introduction
  • Ask the right person
  • Ask at the right time
  • Whoever asks the questions controls the coversation
  • How to get people into the right state to receive your questions

3. Personal food for thought for Questions

For example:

  • Introduction
  • Ask When?
  • When as a stress buster
  • When makes things happen
  • Ask yourself - when do I work best?
  • Ask where shall I put things?
  • Ask feedback questions to put yourself out of your waiting anxiety.

Ian Cooper is a leading consultant in business development and communications, a skills trainer and presenter for professional practices and service organisations. He has written 10 books and broadcasted many times on radio and TV.

Expert Reviews

Just one question to ask, where was this book 30 years ago when I set out for the first time with my reporter's notebook?

Ian Cooper's witty hints and tips can be appreciated even by readers like me who make their living by asking questions. He's recognised that most people, from professionals to fellow passengers on a bus, are more than willing to tackle any query if the approach is right.

Len Tingle, BBC award-winning broadcaster and journalist

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