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Livestock Feeds and Feeding

Livestock Feeds and Feeding

6th Edition

Richard Kellems, David Church

Aug 2009, Hardback, 720 pages
ISBN13: 9780131594753
ISBN10: 0131594753
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Completely updated in a new edition, this valuable resource concentrates on the practical application of nutrition for the production of effective, high-producing commercial livestock. It presents the required nutrients, nutrient utilization, a variety of feedstuffs and diets and their appropriate usage. Readers will also discover how to save money on feed costs and still raise larger, faster gaining, more productive, healthier animals and increase the return investment on livestock. The book details all aspects of livestock feeding, including the gastrointestinal tract and nutrient utilization, feeds for livestock, feed laws and labeling, preparation and processing, feeding livestock species including swine, poultry, dairy cows, dairy calves and replacement heifers and beef cow herd, and feeding domesticated species such as horses, sheep, goats, dogs and cats and rabbits.


1. Livestock Feeding

2. The Gastrointestinal Tract and Nutrient Utilization

3. Nutrients: Their Metabolism and Feeding Standards


4. Feedstuffs

5. High-Energy Feedstuffs

6. Supplemental Protein Sources

7. Roughages

8. Mineral and Vitamin Supplements

9. Feed Additives

10. Feed Laws and Labeling

11. Feed Processing

12. Ration Formulation


13. Feeding Swine

14. Feeding Poultry

15. Feeding Dairy Cows

16. Feeding Dairy Calves and Replacement Heifers

17. Feeding the Beef Cow Herd

18. Feeding Growing–Finishing Beef Cattle


19. Feeding Horses

20. Sheep Nutrition

21. Goats and Goat Nutrition

22. Feeding and Nutrition of Companion and Zoological Species

23. Feeding Rabbits





For Applied Animal Nutrition, Livestock Feeds and Feeding, and Advanced Livestock Feeding and Management.

This valuable resource concentrates on the practical application of nutrition for the production of effective, high-producing commercial livestock. Designed as a resource book, it presents early coverage of nutrition and digestive physiology, a complete section on livestock feeds and chapters devoted to the management and feeding practices of a variety of domestic animals. The latest nutrition requirements, nutrition specifications and feeds composition tables are included. Offering an accessible approach, the book helps readers understand the effects that feeding and management of livestock have on livestock production systems, food safety and the environment.

Hallmark Features

Early coverage of nutrition and digestive physiology–see Part I.

  • Offers important background material necessary for understanding the feeding of different species of livestock.

A complete section devoted to livestock feeds–see Part II.

  • Discusses feedstuffs, high-energy feedstuffs, supplemental protein sources, roughages, mineral and vitamin supplements and more!

Classes and species chapters covering a variety of domestic animals–see Part III and Part IV.

  • Discuss the management and feeding practices that are unique to species such as swine, poultry, dairy cows, horses, sheep and even companion and zoological species.

Resource tables and glossary–see Part V.

  • Gives additional information that allows students to formulate rations.
  • Minimizes the amount of materials needed to purchase because nutritional specifications are included as part of the book.

Expert co-contributors–add credible content to each discussion.

  • Exposes students to the most current information available from leaders in their respective fields.

Instructor resources.

  • Includes electronic images of all the tables, figures and pictures contained in the book, as well as lecture outlines, study questions, quiz and test questions.