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A Practical Introduction: United States Edition

Brian Williams, Stacey Sawyer, Susan Berston

Apr 2012, Hardback, 696 pages
ISBN13: 9780132334297
ISBN10: 0132334291
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Business: A Practical Introduction provides the best information that appeals to a wide range of interest, including 11 areas of interest that's important to readers like you—and the future companies you may be working for.

Part 1: Today’s Business Environment
Chapter 1: Starting Out
Chapter 2: Ethics & Social Responsibility
Chapter 3: Economics
Chapter 4: Globalization
Part 2: Starting & Growing a Successful Business
Chapter 5: Forms of Ownership
Chapter 6: The Entrepreneurial Spirit
Part 3: Management: Achieving Superior Results in the Workplace
Chapter 7: Management & Leadership
Chapter 8: The Effective Organization
Chapter 9: Operations Management
Chapter 10: Motivating Employees
Chapter 11: Human Resource Management
Part 4: Marketing
Chapter 12: Marketing
Chapter 13: Product & Pricing Strategies
Chapter 14: Distribution & Promotion Strategies
Part 5: Financial Resources
Chapter 15: Accounting & Finance
Chapter 16: Financial Management
Chapter 17: Securities Markets

For Introduction to Business courses.

No two Introduction to Business courses are completely alike–they’re as different and unique as the educational professionals teaching them. And now, in order to help you create a course based on your personal teaching interests, the new textbook Business: A Practical Introduction offers a way to make the choice all yours.

With just a few clicks, the solid Introduction to Business fundamentals of this course can be enhanced to reflect your personal interests. So regardless of whether your interests lie in sustainability or ethics, business skills or social media and technology, you can have a textbook and media solution suited to you and your course needs.

Available with MyBIZLab! No two Introduction to Business classes are the same either–the students you teach change from class to class, as does your approach to accommodate their unique learning styles. The combination of Business: A Practical Introduction with MyBizLab, provides students with access to personalized learning options, while helping you assign, deliver, manage, and assess a meaningful course with ease.

Creating YOUR book for YOUR course.

Yes, we cover the core concepts of the Introduction to Business course–you’ll see that in our table of contents, which offers the full range of material you’re familiar with. But it’s what we do beyond the table of contents that sets our book apart.

Survey after survey tells us many instructors want to teach this material according to their own interests. But in a world where business information is said to double every five years, we needed to find a way to cover most instructors’ and students’ favorite topics in a book of reasonable length. Here‘s the personalized solution we created, just for you:

Start with the core.
As the Brief Table of Contents shows, we offer a consensus of the 17 core coverage chapters most instructors assign as the foundation of the course. These are the chapters that typically comprise the foundation of the course.

Add your preferred flex chapters.

Additional, flexible–or flex–chapters that cover several different topics are offered online in MyBizLab, and can also be included in the printed text, through Pearson’s Custom Library. The flex chapters include all the artwork, photographs, and pedagogical material contained in the core chapters. They also benefit from many of the same assignable end-of-chapter and online resources as the regular chapters.

Flex chapters include:

  • Business Law
  • Labor-Management Issues
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Information Technology
  • Personal Finance

Select the interest you want reflected in the material.
Once you’ve selected your chapters, then you can select your interest. Most texts provide boxed examples within a fixed set of 3 to 5 categories. Instructors have told us they believe this format can be forced and limited. Our research shows there’s a menu of 11 thematic areas–not just 3 to 5–that deserve periodic emphasis, the importance of which varies according to each chapter’s subject matter. We call these 11 themes “interests,” which are content areas fitted into the back of each chapter at your request.

Choose from 11 different interest areas:

  1. Earning Green by Going Green. Businesses face a new dynamic, one that poses significant challenges as well as opportunities–the need to “green” their products and services. Many analysts forecast that environmentally driven businesses will represent one of the world’s major forces and industries in the 21st century. This interest option reinforces the green trend in business.
  2. A World of Constant Change. Instructors are concerned that students be able to succeed not only in today’s business world, but also in the future. We cover computers, the Internet, robotics, etc. We also discuss the impact of the changing mix of racial, ethnic, age, and gender groups in the United States and throughout the world.
  3. Legal & Ethical Practices. Ethical behavior and community responsibility are not just niceties. As the deplorable record from Enron to Madoff shows, they should be the very underpinnings of business, as we repeatedly demonstrate through this interest.
  4. Small Business & Entrepreneurs. Most students will work in small businesses, mostly in service industries. Many want to own their own businesses. This interest is key to include if you’re looking to emphasize entrepreneurial information in your course.
  5. Infotech & Social Media. Businesses are scrambling to integrate information technology and social media into their promotional mix. Entrepreneurs are also using it as a means to inexpensively form and launch new businesses. By including this interest in your textbook, students will see the importance of this media in business and how to integrate it into their future jobs.
  6. Business Skills & Career Development. We present practical advice on career development (including much that is applicable to nonbusiness careers) and offer detailed tips to help students become rising stars.
  7. Personal Finance. Many instructors believe students lack experience about how to handle their personal finances. To ensure that all students receive exposure to this subject, we integrate personal finance coverage where appropriate–in addition to offering the option of an entire flex chapter covering the subject.
  8. Global Business. America’s deep involvement in the world is matched by the world’s involvement with us, and every year that interdependency increases. We make students aware of this reality through this interest.
  9. Customer Focus. Regardless of the business sector, any student working today will need to understand and appreciate the importance of focusing on the customer. This interest shows students how important it is to always keep the customer at the center of their focus in business.
  10. Socially Responsible Business. At what point does the pursuit of profits hurt people? How are businesses justifying their push for a better bottom line versus the world they are creating? This interest helps students answer these question, and more, on social responsibility.
  11. Business Culture & Etiquette. We explore in-depth what students need to know about today’s business etiquette and the importance of knowing about different business cultures.

Building from Student-Centered Fundamentals.Between this text’s custom options–which include the customizable flex chapters and added interests–lies page-upon-page of solid introduction to business fundamentals.

Technology Focus.

From the first word to the last, each detail in this book was created with 21st-century students in mind. These digitally savvy, media-saturated, boredom-averse, multitask-oriented, results-focused students will benefit from this textbook’s technology-focused content.

Superior Content Organization for Enhanced Learning.
Shaped to address modern learning styles, our research-driven text is organized in a unique educational format that appeals to student interests and provides numerous tools for learning. We created every page so that it would engage students in the material and stimulate their interest in the dynamic world of business through colorful writing and storytelling, contemporary mini-cases and examples, and superb visuals.

Visually Appealing.

We use a visually appealing layout combined with content structured in bite-size portions, and include 12 learning and study tools to help students focus on, engage with, and retain what they read. The effectiveness of this pedagogical structure is supported by comparative class testing in 15 schools, in which more than 80% of students favored our approach over that of their assigned texts.