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Cross-Cultural Encounters in Modern World History

Cross-Cultural Encounters in Modern World History

Jon Davidann, Marc Gilbert

May 2012, Paperback, 208 pages
ISBN: 9780205532667
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Takes an encounters approach to studying the modern world.

Cross-Cultural Encounters in Modern World History explores cultural contact as an agent of change. It takes an encounters approach to world history since 1500, rather than a political one, to reveal different perspectives and experiences as well as key patterns and transformations.

The text focuses on first encounters that suggest long-term developments. Because of the complexities of these encounters, the author takes a user-friendly approach to keep the text accessible to students with varying backgrounds in history.

Learning Goals

Upon completing this book readers will be able to:

  • Understand the dynamics of cultural contact and exchange as agents of historical change
  • View cultural encounters as more than a political struggle between dominant and subordinate people
  • See the impact of first encounters and longer-term, macro-historical encounters

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Introduction: Cross-Cultural Encounters and Hybrid Culture

A. Encounters in the Age of Exploration

Chapter 1 Power and Unpredictability, Conquistadors, and Native Peoples: Conquest of the Americas

Chapter 2 Europeans on the Margin: Missionaries and Indigenous Response in East Asia

Chapter 3 Empires of Difference: The Ottoman Model of a Multicultural State

B. Encounters-Middle Ground Successes and Failures

Chapter 4 Cultures in Competition: Native American Encounters with Europeans

Chapter 5 From First Contact to Entanglement: Polynesian Encounters with Euro-Americans

Chapter 6 On the Frontiers of Central Asia: Russia, China and Steppe Empires in Eurasia

D. Imperialism and Nationalism in the Modern World

Chapter 7 The Raj Undone: British Imperialism and the Rise of Indian Nationalism

Chapter 8 The Japanese in East Asia: A Non-Western Empire and Nationalist Reactions

Chapter 9 Mapping Africa: European Perceptions and African Realities

E. Twentieth Century Challenges

Chapter 10 Testing the Limits of Multiculturalism: Immigration into Europe in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Century

  • Scholarly discussion is closely connected with expanded references to the voices of participants in history. (ex. p. 145)
  • The text focuses on evidence and major themes together in order to illuminate large and small-scale history. (ex. p. 125)
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Dr. Jon Davidann is a professor of History at Hawai’i Pacific University and a graduate of the University of Minnesota. He teaches courses in U.S., Japanese, and World History including the History of Oil. Dr. Davidann’s research specialty is U.S.-Japanese relations and world history. He is the author several books on U.S.-Japanese relations and world history. He lives in Kailua, Hawai’i with his wife Beth and son Elijah.

Marc Jason Gilbert is the holder of an NEH-supported Chair in World History at Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is a former University System of Georgia Distinguished Professor of Teaching and Learning. He received his Ph.D in history in 1978 at UCLA, where he built his own program in world history out of a mixture of more traditional fields. He is a founding member of the World History Association and one of its initial elected officers.More than a decade ago, he founded and served as executive director of the Southeastern World History Association. He has codirected two Summer Institutes for Teaching Advanced Placement World History. He has attempted to bring a global dimension to the study of south and southeast Asian history in numerous articles and books, such as Why the North Won the Vietnam War.

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