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Key Management Models

Key Management Models

The 60+ models every manager needs to know
2nd Edition

Marcel Van Assen, Gerben Van den Berg, Paul Pietersma

Dec 2008, Paperback, 272 pages
ISBN13: 9780273719106
ISBN10: 0273719106
This product has been replaced by Key Management Models, 3rd Edition

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With over 33,500 copies sold of the previous edition, the winning formula of this incredibly successful book will remain the same. From SWOT analysis and core competencies to risk reward analysis and the innovation circle, Key Management Models explains each model in a clear, structured and practical way.

There is a brief overview of each of the 61 essential models that spans no more than

3-4 pages. For each model you will find:

· The model in a nutshell (‘the big idea’)

· Its applicability (‘when to use it’)

· The practicalities of applying it (‘how to use it’)

· A critical appraisal (‘the final analysis’)

The PERFECT reference book, no matter what business you’re in.


About the authors.


Using the book.

Part 1 Strategic models.

1 Ansoff’s product market grid.

2 The BCG matrix.

3 Blue ocean strategy.

4 Competitive analysis: Porter’s five forces.

5 Core competencies.

6 Greiner’s growth model

7 Kay’s distinctive capabilities.

8 Market-driven organisation.

9 Off-shoring / outsourcing.

10 Road-mapping.

11 Scenario planning.

12 Strategic dialogue.

13 Strategic HRM model

14 Strategic human capital planning.

15 SWOT analysis.

16 The value chain.

17 Value-based management

18 The value disciplines of Treacy and Wierseman.

Part 2 Tactical models.

19 The 7-S framework.

20 Activity-based costing.

21 Beer and Nohria - E and O theories.

22 Benchmarking.

23 Business process redesign.

24 Competing values of organisational effectiveness.

25 Core quadrants.

26 Covey’s seven habits of highly effective people.

27 Curry’s pyramid: customer marketing and relationship management

28 DuPont analysis.

29 Factory gate pricing.

30 Henderson and Venkatraman’s strategic alignment model

31 Hofstede’s cultural dimensions.

32 House of purchasing and supply.

33 The innovation circle.

34 Kotler’s 4Ps of marketing.

35 Kotters’ eight phases of change.

36. Kraljic’s purchasing model

37 Lean thinking / just-in-time.

38 MABA analysis.

39 Milkovich’s compensation model

40 Mintzberg’s configurations.

41 Monczka’s purchasing model

42 Overhead value analysis.

43 Quick response manufacturing.

44 Senge – The fifth discipline.

45 Six Sigma.

46 The EFQM model

47 The theory of constraints.

48 Vendor managed inventory.

Part 3 Operational models.

49 The balanced scorecard (BSC)

50 Belbin’s team roles.

51 Branding pentagram..

52 Change quadrants.

53 Discounted cashflow..

54 Kaizen / Gemba.

55 Mintzberg’s management roles.

56 Risk reward analysis.

57 Root cause analysis / Pareto analysis.

58 The six thinking hats of De Bono.

59 The Deming cycle: plan–do–check–act

60 Value stream mapping.


Appendix: Model Matrix / Categorisation of models.

Marcel van Assen(1969) is a senior consultant at the Operations Management group of Berenschot. His industrial consulting experience covers various manufacturing, supply chain, and strategic issues, from operational excellence, outsourcing & contract manufacturing to value-innovation based on strategic conversation, roadmapping and foresight.

In addition, he is an assistant professor of manufacturing management at the Department of Management of Technology and Innovation Department of RSM Erasmus University he is (co)author of several books and articles on operations and innovation management. He holds an MSc. in mechanical engineering from the University of Twente, an MSc. in business administration (strategy and organisation) from the Open University, and a Ph.D. in business administration froe member of ERIM (Erasmus acturing firms, clusters and networks.

Gerben van de Bergread business administration at the University of Groningen. He works at Berenschot as consultant in the Business Strategies group. He is a co-author of the book Excellence = optimization and innovation and (co)author of several articles concerning strategic management.

Paul PietersmaMSc. BA is a strategy consultant and managing director of Business Strategies at Berenschot. He has more than 10 years of experience in the consultancy business in which he advised many CEO’s and boards of directors on various strategic issues. He has won the Dutch Professionals Award of Management Consultancy, he has published several articles on strategy and he is the (co)author of two leading Dutch strategy books ‘Het Strategieboek I’ and ‘Het Strategieboek II’.

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