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The Economics of Money, Banking and Finance

The Economics of Money, Banking and Finance

4th Edition

Peter Howells, Keith Bain

May 2008, Paperback, 656 pages
ISBN13: 9780273710394
ISBN10: 0273710397
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Provides a unique comparative survey of financial systems in Europe and the US, unified under a rigorous theoretical framework.

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Part 1 Engaging your positive mindset

1 Are you born with self-confidence?

2 Being and feeling more positive

3 Knowing what you want to achieve

Part 2 Communicating with self-confidence

4 How do people see you?

5 How do you communicate?

Part 3 Putting self-confidence into action

6 Why is assertiveness so important?

7 Showing true confidence, verbally and non-verbally

8 Confidence at home and at work

Part 4 Keeping up the momentum

9 Dealing with setbacks

10 Using your new-found self-confidence to really change your life

Conclusion: Following it through


  • Separate chapters deal with the financial systems in the UK, the USA, Germany, France, Italy and the Nordic countries.
  • Includes extensive use of up-to-date examples, explains how to use relevant tables from the Financial Times and indicates many sources of information on the Internet
  • Coverage of current issues such as the transparency of monetary policy and the psychological analysis of behaviour in financial markets.
  • Increased emphasis on the integration of international financial markets, especially within Europe