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Strategies for E-Business

Strategies for E-Business

concepts and cases
2nd Edition

Tawfik Jelassi, Albrecht Enders

Jul 2008, Hardback, 664 pages
ISBN13: 9780273710288
ISBN10: 0273710281
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Ideal for MBA students and upper level undergraduates, this book utilises extensive research, strategic frameworks, a methodological toolset and original real-world case studies to link e-business to overall corporate strategy. It builds awareness and sharpens students' analytical understanding of how companies have developed and implemented electronic and mobile commerce strategies in the real world and the issues and challenges that e-commerce strategies and applications present.

About the authors

1. Key terminology and evolution of e-business

2. Overview of the e-business strategy framework
3. External analysis: the impact of the Internet on the macro-environment and on the industry structure of e-business companies
4. Internal analysis: e-business competencies as sources of strengths and weaknesses
5. Strategy options in e-business markets
6. Sustaining a competitive advantage over time
7. Exploiting opportunities of new market spaces in e-business
8. Creating and capturing value through e-business strategies: the value-process framework
9. Choosing the appropriate strategy for the internal organisation of e-business activities
10. Choosing the appropriate strategy for interaction with suppliers
11. Choosing the appropriate e-business strategy for interacting with users
12. Moving from wired e-commerce to mobile e-commerce

13. A roadmap for e-business strategy implementation

14. Building e-business competence through concepts and cases
A guide to the main focus of the case studies
Synopses of case studies
1. From A(pples) to Z(oom lenses): Extending the boundaries of multichannel retailing at
2. From e-banking to e-business at Nordea (Scandinavia): The world's biggest clicks-and-mortar bank
3. ING DIRECT: Rebel in the banking industry
4. Ducati (Italy) vs. Harley-Davidson (USA): Innovating business processes and managing value networks
5. Otis Elevator: Accelerating business transformation with IT
6. Business-to-business electronic commerce: - an e-marketplace for small and medium-sized enterprises
7. Covisint (A): The evolution of a B2B marketplace
8. IBX (Northern Europe): Expanding B2B ePurchasing from indirect to direct goods and services
9. eBay customer support outsourcing
10. The exploration and production enterprise portal of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group
11. e-Government in Estonia: Establishing the world's leading infromation society
12. Online file-sharing: The music industry's paradigm shift
13. openBC vs. StayFriends: Germany's biggest Internet-based social networking sites
14. Spreadshirt: Mass customizaton on the Internet
15. Second Life: Mercedes-Benz enters the Metaverse
16. Mobile phone meets digital music at Sony BMG
17. NTT DoCoMo (Japan): Moving from a mobile phone operator to a lifestyle service provider
18. YOC AG: Integrating the mobile phone into the marketing mix
19. (Germany): A mobile payment service.


Among the most valuable features and aids to learning in the book are:

  • Critical Perspective boxes present alternative viewpoints and encourage the reader to critically evaluate key ideas and practices
  • Financial Times articles offer the reader comment from the business press to complement the academic debate
  • Blog Boxescontain excerpts from blog writers who provide their opinions on current developments in the e-business world. These excerpts provide an additional and at times different perspective to the concepts discussed in the chapters.
  • Review and discussion questions at the end of each chapter help the reader to test and explore the ideas they have learned
  • Recommended key reading provides a list of books and articles for the reader, enabling them to find out more about specific topics
  • Learning Outcomes and Summaries allow the reader to identify and review the key learning points in each chapter
  • Synopses of case studies provide an overview of the content of each case and draw out the most important themes
  • Broad range of field-researched cases on leading e-business companies in diverse industries (including cases from Harvard Business School and INSEAD)

Tawfik Jelassi is Professor of e-Business and Information Technology at the School of International Management at Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees, Paris, France. He is also Adjunct Professor of Technology Management at INSEAD (Fontainebleau).

Albrecht Enders is Assistant Professor of Strategic Management at the University of Nuremberg in Germany. Previously, he worked as a consultant with The Boston Consulting Group and as a Research Fellow at INSEAD (Fontainebleau).

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