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How to Help Children Find the Champion Inside Themselves

How to Help Children Find the Champion Inside Themselves

David Hemery

Jul 2005, Paperback, 160 pages
ISBN13: 9780563519683
ISBN10: 0563519681
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This book is an innovative, accessible and groundbreaking guide that will change the way adults communicate with children forever.

David Hemery believes that within every young person there is ‘a spark of greatness’ and a unique individual keen to fulfil his or her potential. Every adult is a guardian of that flame of talent. Using everyday scenarios and cartoons he introduces:

EFFECTIVE QUESTIONING and ATTENTIVE LISTENING – powerful and positive communication tools that deliver extraordinary results.

Every parent, teacher and coach will recognise common pitfalls that are described with astute comment and humour. Hemery shows how easy it is to transform conflict in communication, and to encourage young people to take responsibility for their actions, develop their self-esteem and reach their true potential.



Section one: Getting the basics right

Section two: Family matters

Section three: The role of the teacher

Section four: The role of the coach

Section five: general questioning techniques



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David Hemery won an Olympic gold medal in the 400 metre hurdles in 1968. He works as a coach, teacher and performance consultant. He is also on the executive of the British Olympic Association.

Expert Reviews

‘This is a book to be recommended to anyone committed to getting the best out of their children – and, more importantly, to helping their children to get the best out of themselves.’ Dr Stephen Briers, Clinical Psychologist, Little Angels and Teen Angels.

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