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Sell It on eBay

Sell It on eBay

TechTV's Guide to Successful Online Auctions

Jim Heid, Toby Malina

Jan 2004, Paperback, 176 pages
ISBN13: 9780321223760
ISBN10: 0321223764
This title is no longer available.

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Got goods to sell? Then get this guide! Chances are, if something exists (and maybe even if it doesn't), it's been sold on eBay! But making sure that your items not just sell, but sell quickly, at your desired price, and without any snafus in shipping or payment takes some doing in the world's largest bazaar. To ensure that kind of eBay success, you need this no-nonsense guide. In these pages, eBay aficionados Jim Heid and Toby Malina have teamed with the folks at TechTV to create the first and last word on selling at eBay. Through easily digestible text and a visually approachable design that shows you how to take flattering photos of your merchandise and design beautiful pages, this handy guide hones in on precisely what you need to know to sell or even start your own business on eBay. Filled with need-to-know information about everything from payment methods to shipping considerations and establishing starting bid prices, this is where you'll want to go before you go online!

Jim Heid is a veteran author and contributing editor for Macworld magazine as well as the editorial director of Avondale Media, which produces how-to DVDs on numerous topics. Graphic designer and Macintosh consultant Toby Malina is the technical/editorial director of Thunder Lizard Productions, a Seattle-based conference production company.