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C#Builder Kick Start

C#Builder Kick Start

Joe Mayo

Oct 2003, Paperback with CD-ROM, 480 pages
ISBN13: 9780672325892
ISBN10: 0672325896
This title is no longer available.

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C#Builder Kick Start provides a rapid overview of the C#Builder tool, a Borland developer¿s introduction to C# explaining the new forms and interfaces, and set of examples illustrating the power of C#, C#Builder, and .NET development. Special attention is paid to differences between existing Borland tools and development strategies and C#Builder.

How This Book Is Organized. Conventions Used in This Book.


1. Introducing .NET and the C#Builder IDE.
.NET Concepts. Overview of C#Builder. Starting Projects. Running Programs. Toolbar Customization. Using the Tool Palette. About Code Insight. HTML Editor Coding. Controlling the Workspace. Adding Tools. Creating Macros. In Brief. 2. C# Basics.
Value Types and Reference Types. Built-in Types. String Formatting. Keywords and Operators. Statements. Coding with Snippets. Arrays. Enums. Methods. Properties and Indexers. In Brief. 3. Intermediate C#.
Reference Types. Object Construction/Destruction. Object-Oriented Features. Exception Handling. In Brief. 4. Advanced C#.
Operator Overloading and Conversions. Delegates and Events. Attributes. Interfaces. Examples of Interface Implementation. In Brief. 5. Managing Code and Projects.
Debugging Code. Organizing Projects. Referencing Assemblies. Source Code Change Management. Building and Compiling Your Projects. Navigating the Object Inspector. Managing Installed .NET Components. Understanding Your Application with Model View. In Brief.


6. Introduction to Windows Forms and Windows Controls.
Creating a Simple Windows Forms Application. Using the Windows Forms Designer. Tips About Wizard-Generated Code. Creating Windows Controls. In Brief. 7. Windows Forms Dialogs.
Overview of Dialogs. MessageBox Dialog. Common Dialog Classes. In Brief. 8. Windows Forms Resources.
Creating Menus for Your Application. Creating Toolbars. Adding Status Bars to Your Application. In Brief. 9. Windows Forms Graphics with GDI+.
GDI+ Basics. Working with Brushes and Pens. Drawing Graphics Objects. In Brief. 10. Windows Forms User Controls and Components.
User Controls. Creating Components. In Brief.


11. Introduction to ASP.NET.
ASP.NET Overview. ASP.NET Designer and Wizards. The Tool Palette. The ASP.NET Architecture. Using ASP.NET Controls. Configuring ASP.NET Applications. In Brief. 12. ASP.NET Application Events and State Management.
Application-Level Events. Application State. Session State. In Brief. 13. ASP.NET Security.
Authentication and Authorization. Authenticating Individual Users. Applying Role Authentication for Groups of Users. In Brief. 14. ASP.NET Custom and User Controls.
ASP.NET Control Overview. User Controls. Custom Controls. In Brief.


15. ADO.NET and File I/O.
ADO.NET Overview. ADO.NET Architecture. Understanding Data Providers. Coding an ADO.NET Application. BDP for Microsoft .NET Components. Performing Simple File I/O. In Brief. 16. Data Binding.
Data Binding Overview. Windows Forms Controls. The Windows Forms DataGrid. The ASP.NET Repeater. The ASP.NET DataList. The ASP.NET DataGrid. In Brief. 17. XML Web Services.
Web Services Overview. Building a Web Service. Web Service Attributes. Connecting Clients to a Web Service. In Brief. 18. Assemblies, Versioning, and Deployment.
Understanding Assemblies. Preparing Release Builds. Preparing .NET Applications for Deployment. Deploying .NET Applications. In Brief. Index.

Joe Mayo is an author, independent consultant, and trainer, specializing in .NET technologies. He opened the C# Station Web site on July 4, 2000, and has been working with C# and .NET since the first pre-beta version of the .NET Frameworks SDK was released during the same month. Joe has been programming computers for over 17 years and is currently an independent consultant, serving customers in the Denver, Colorado area. You are welcome to contact Joe via email at