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CCNP Practical Studies

CCNP Practical Studies

Remote Access (CCNP Self-Study)

Dmitry Bokotey, Wesley Shuo, Raymond Morrow, Deviprasad Konda

Jan 2004, Hardback, 528 pages
ISBN13: 9781587200731
ISBN10: 1587200732
This title is no longer available.

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Gain hands-on experience of CCNP Remote Access topics with lab scenarios for the new 642-821 BCRAN exam

  • Prepare for the CCNP 642-821 BCRAN exam and gain a better, practical understanding of exam concepts
  • Experience how remote access concepts work in a real network with practice labs that walk you through their implementation
  • Review set-up guides that show you how to prepare a lab for study
  • Ready yourself for the new simulation-based questions on the CCNP exams

CCNP Practical Studies: Remote Access (CCNP Self-Study) prepares readers for the CCNP 642-821 BCRAN exam and for workplace challenges in implementing remote access network applications. Designed as a topic-by-topic guide of how to apply remote access concepts in a real network setting, this book is useful in preparing a CCNP candidate for the general exam questions by providing a better understanding of how remote access really works. It is also essential in preparing candidates for the new simulation-based questions that are on the Cisco certification exams. Finally, it serves anyone wanting a guide to real-world application of these concepts, regardless of certification interest.

Each chapter includes a review of the applicable technology, and guides the reader through implementation of the technology. This step-by-step process can be executed on a home- or office-based lab, a remote-accessible lab, some networking simulation software programs, or even as a stand-alone guide.

All of the topics on the new 642-821 BCRAN exam are covered, providing comprehensive exam preparation.

Practice for the CCNP BCRAN exam with hands-on, remote access configuration tasks

  • Evaluate the different WAN technologies available and select the appropriate Cisco products to match various needs
  • Learn about modem operation, communication, and configuration
  • Configure cable modems to access central sites at both the headend and CPE
  • Configure PPP callback, authentication, and compression
  • Configure ISDN PRI and BRI, including optional features like multilink PPP
  • Optimize the use of DDR Interface-Dialer Profiles and Rotary Groups
  • Understand how to use DSL to access central sites, including DSLAM, PPPoE, and PPPoA configuration
  • Configure Frame Relay subinterfaces and traffic shaping
  • Examine dial backup options, such as physical versus dialer interfaces and load sharing versus load balancing
  • Manage network performance with queuing and compression
  • Scale IP addresses with Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Use AAA to scale access control in expanding networks
  • Configure and use IPSec virtual private networks (VPNs)

Designed for aspiring CCNP and CCIE(r) professionals, this indispensable lab guide builds on Cisco(r) remote-access topics to prepare you for the CCNP BCRAN exam. Because networking professionals learn by doing, the practical exercises in this book not only aid your preparation for the CCNP BCRAN exam but also equip you to handle on-the-job challenges.

CCNP Practical Studies: Remote Access provides you with practical information on all the important concepts central to the remote-access portion of the CCNP certification, including product selection; configuring modems, PPP, and Frame Relay; using ISDN, DDR NAT, broadband access, and VPNs; enabling backups; and managing network performance. Each chapter provides scenario-based learning, presenting a set of examples that show you how to configure and verify the various technologies. Practical exercises follow these scenarios, allowing you to test your hands-on knowledge. Each chapter then concludes with a set of review questions and a summary section for easy reference. Having access to equipment is the ideal way to profit from this book-but if you don't have a complete setup, the appropriate information is delivered through figures, configuration examples, and detailed text so you can follow along with the practical exercises.

Whether you are seeking practical knowledge to enhance your preparation for the CCNP BCRAN exam or you are a newly minted CCNP in need of hands-on experience to hone your on-the-job skills, CCNP Practical Studies: Remote Access has what you need to familiarize yourself with remote-access network deployment.

CCNP Practical Studies: Remote Access is part of a recommended study program from Cisco Systems(r) that includes simulation and hands-on training from authorized Cisco Learning Partners and self-study products from Cisco Press. To find out more about instructor-led, e-learning, and hands-on instruction offered by authorized Cisco Learning Partners worldwide, please visit

Wesley Shuo, CCIE No. 4116, is a network design consultant with Cisco Systems.

Dmitry Bokotey, triple CCIE No. 4460, is a senior solution consultant for Cisco Systems, where he is responsible for the design and configuration of complex telecom and CLEC/ILEC customer networks.

Raymond Morrow, CCIE No. 4146, is currently employed at Northrop Grumman.

Deviprasad Konda is a staff engineer at Qualcomm, Inc., working on security and content delivery network solutions.


1. Introduction.
2. Selecting Cisco Products for Remote Connections.


3. Configuring Asynchronous Connections with Modems.
4. Using Cable Modems to Access a Central Site.
5. Configuring Point-to-Point Protocol and Controlling.


6. Using ISDN and DDR Technologies to Enhance Remote Connectivity.
7. Optimizing the Use of DDR Interface-Dialer Profiles and Rotary Groups.


8. Using DSL to Access a Central Site.
9. Frame Relay Connection and Traffic Flow Control.
10. Enabling Backup to a Permanent Connection.
11. Managing Network Performance with Queuing and Compression.


12. Scaling IP Addresses with Network Address Translation.
13. Using AAA to Scale Access Control in an Expanding Network.
14. Securing Remote Access Network Connections Overview of VPN Technology.

  • Text developed in conjunction with Cisco Systems.
    • Ensures accurate coverage of the new CCNP BCRAN 642-821exam released in 2003 with information from the source-available to NO OTHER PUBLISHER.

  • Lab Scenarios show students how BCRAN concepts actually are applied in real networks.
    • Improves student comprehension by providing operation understanding of topics.

  • Modular writing style.
    • Labs provide step-by-step implementation, building to a larger network implementation example.

  • Lab-building instruction.
    • Students learn how to build a home-based lab for hands-on learning.

Raymond Morrow, CCIE #4146, CSS1, Cisco IP Telephony Design Specialist, is currently employed at Northrop Grumman. Previously, he was a principal consultant with Computer Solutions; a San Antonio, Texas-based Cisco Silver Partner with Security and VPN Partner specialization.