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Your MBA with Distinction

Your MBA with Distinction

Developing a systematic approach to succeeding in your business degree

Caroline Gatrell, Sharon Turnbull

Sep 2002, Paperback, 272 pages
ISBN13: 9780273656678
ISBN10: 0273656678
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The key to doing well in an MBA can often appear to be shrouded in mystery, 'success' being a concept available only to the brilliant or the very lucky. MBA with Distinction proposes that MBAs are not mystery prizes linked to the wheel of fortune, but quite the reverse. They can be seen as a process which, if approached systematically, can be managed effectively. The advice in this book will assist readers to distinguish themselves as good MBA students, while developing their individual learning and writing styles. It will enable readers to optimise their abilities, as well as the time they have available. It explains the process of how the MBA works, because once students understand this, they can then begin to manage their own learning. MBA with Distinction will help all students do well in their MBAs by enabling them to feel 'in control' of their course, rather than being submerged by it. It also includes handy 'with distinction!' tips along the way for those who seek to excel in their programme.

Caroline Gatrell joined Lancaster University Management School in 1998, having completed the Lancaster Executive MBA with a distinction. She has been involved as both tutor and examiner with a number of the university's pretigious graduate business degrees. She is currently directing an Action Research project to evaluate the effectiveness of "Children First" - an early years education and childcare partnership.Sharon Turnbull joined Lancaster University Management School in 1994 having gained an Executive MBA with distinction, and has been involved with many of the School's important graduate degree programmes. She has also been cohort leader of the British Airways MBA, teaches on International Master programme and the MA in Management learning . She currently co-directs the MPhil/PhD in Critical Management.

Expert Reviews

"This is a highly useful guide to the practice of doing an MBA - and from

a very reliable source, since both authors achieved distinction in an MBA

themselves while working full-time at demanding jobs. A serious MBA

stretches everybody who does one - not only leading to deep knowledge

about organisations and how they function, but also to a development of

self-understanding and management capabilities. This books gives an

excellent practical guide to how to go through this process and achieve

the knowledge and development which a good MBA provides. If you want to

make the serious investment of both time and money that an MBA entails

worthwhile, this is the book for you."

Professor Stephen Watson, Principal, Henley Management College, Chair, Association of Business Schools

"This book is a highly practical guide for busy MBA students, which can help

them make effective use of scarce time without sacrificing the quality of

their work. The text is highly accessible but never patronising. The authors

have the advantage of having studied successfully for their own MBAs before

becoming MBA tutors and examiners. The book truly benefits from their

ability to see what the world looks like on both sides of the MBA fence - it

should be on every new MBA student's reading list."

Professor Rosemary Deem BA Hons Social Sciences, MPhil, PhD. Director of Teaching and Learning, The Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol

"This title demystifies the process of getting an MBA and aims to help students to optimise their performance."

Business A.M

"...a must buy for all aspiring MBA students." Mike Jones, former director general of the Association of MBAs

Ambassador (AMBA Magazine)

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