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First Steps in Bonds

First Steps in Bonds

Peter Temple

Sep 2001, Paperback, 208 pages
ISBN13: 9780273656579
ISBN10: 0273656570
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With uncertain and volatile stock markets making many investors cautious many are turning to bonds which, whilst being by no means risk free, are a lot less volatile than shares. Many professional investors routinely use bonds - often as a core constituent of a diversified portfolio - so it is only a matter of time before private investors do the same. First Steps in Bonds introduces readers to the key issues revolving around the bond markets. It covers in detail each of the main segments of the market – government bonds, corporate bonds, Eurobonds and other types. Supported by illustrative stories, trading scenarios and worked examples, it will lead investors through the concepts whilst always keeping one eye on the reality of the markets. By cutting through all the jargon used by the professionals, the author provides you with the practical guidance and sensible strategies to enable you to trade in bonds with confidence. First Steps in Bonds cuts through the seeming complexity of bond markets and enables the reader to become familiar with bonds quickly and easily. It teaches you:

  • what bonds are, how they differ from shares and why you should invest in them
  • how to analyze and value bonds, and the tools needed to make decisions about them
  • the external events and market technicalities that drive bond markets
  • techniques for dealing in bonds, selecting a broker, and finding information on bonds
  • the characteristics and advantages of collective investment in bonds
  • how to deal in government bonds through online dealing services.
Peter Temple worked as a city analyst for 18 years, and has been a financial journalist for thirteen. He has also been an active and successful private trader for the past 15 years. First Steps in Bonds Take your first steps with confidence.

Introduction 1. What bonds are and why you need them 2. Bond Basics 3. What drives bond markets 4. Dealing in bonds 5. Investing in government bonds 6. Bond Market oddities 7. Eurobonds 8. Corporate Bonds 9. Bond market information and how to get it 10. Collective investment in bonds

Peter Temple was born in West Yorkshire, and is a graduate of the University of Wales, a former member of the London Stock Exchange, and a Fellow of the Securities Institute. He spent the first 18 years of his working life in fund management and investment banking, turning to full–time writing in 1988.

His articles cover a wide variety of investing topics, and appear regularly in the Financial Times, Investors Chronicle, Shares, International Fund Investment, and in a number of other publications and financial websites. He has written several other books on investing including First Steps in Shares and Traded Options, also published by Financial Times Prentice Hall.

"An excellent practical insight into under-appreciated vital products virtually every sensible profit-seeking portfolio should contain."

Alpesh Patel, FT columnist, Bloomberg TV Online Trading specialist and author of Trading Online.

"Peter Temple banishes forever the popular misconception that bonds are the dowdy poor relation of the share market. As he unravels the mysteries of bonds, and shows what a powerful investment tool they can be when you have the know-how, Peter convinces us that bonds do, indeed, have a licence to thrill."

Emma-Lou Montgomery, Editor, Shares magazine

"This comprehensive and easy to understand guide by Peter Temple articulates the mystery associated with Bonds and demonstrates how easy it is to understand and deal in these products."

Brian Winterflood, Winterflood Securities