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Corporate Longitude

Corporate Longitude

What you need to know to navigate the knowledge economy

Leif Edvinsson

May 2002, Paperback, 224 pages
ISBN13: 9780273656272
ISBN10: 0273656279
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"Edvinsson is the person who has done the most to uncover the hidden values of intellectual capital." Fortune Magazine

"The human brain is the most powerful weapon on planet earth. Corporate Longitude gives everyone new access to how to maximize this power. Forget Technicolor, grey matter matters. " Kjell A Nordström and Jonas Ridderstrale, authors of Funky Business

It is wise to have some idea of where you are going. In the knowledge economy it's equally important to be prepared to change direction at a moment's notice. In business, we too often know all about our latest financial position without having any idea of our real or potential position. Do you know where you're going in the knowledge economomy? Where do we register the resignation of a key person? Where do we register the loss of a key customer? or the success of a key project? The measures by which we all manage only give us half an understanding of where we are or where we're going.In 1675, King Charles II of England set up the Royal Observatory, tasked with finding a method of accurately determining longitude at sea. A similar challenge currently faces the business world. Modern corporations habitually calibrate along a single measure: a financial one. This is corporate latitude. The trouble is that it only gives part of the picture, only half of the co-ordinates required to know their precise location and to map out the route to their destination. Without a practicable method for measuring corporate longitude - a measurement for intellectual capital - companies are unable to locate their true position or chart a meaningful course. Intellectual capital is a combination of human capital - the brains, skills, insights and potential of those in an organisation - and structured capital - wrapped up in customers, processes, databases, brands and systems. It is the only meaningful way to gauge the potential energy of a company. Corporate Longitude provides a way to measure these intangibles as well as the financial facts, and to navigate accurately through the turbulent waters of business. With the rise of the knowldge economy, the search for corporate longitude is on. The the founding guru of intellectual capital knows where to find it, and here provdes a compass for the entrepreneurial knowledge leader. Find out how intelligent enterprising will set apart the new navigators of knowldge markets. "Our journey in Corporate Longitude has a number of important markers. The first is that I believe there is a new commercial reality -- knowledge economics -- which transforms the concept of value and of value creation. Intangibles, such as intelligence, brands, trust and networks, are the driving force of knowledge economics. The rise of knowledge economics highlights a mismatch between current financial reporting systems and intellectual assets – these I see as akin to corporate latitude and corporate longitude. One without the other gets us nowhere." Leif Edvinsson





About the author



The smell of tar

Beyond skepticism


So, farewell Adam Smith

Whose ideas are they anyway?

The battle for thought leadership

Model ideas

Forget products; think ideas

The intangible hand

Markets in knowledge


What is valuable?

Perks for the people

The talent market

Putting a price on trust

The personal network effect

The company is the network


Renaissance accounting

The intangible gap

New perspectives

Navigating the future

FIVE: 1+1=11

Where we are

Structural capital

Organizational memory

New organizational models

The intelligent organization


Beyond learning to intelligence


Walking the line – brainwashing and belief


Turning on the lights

Moving the furniture

The place

Creating spaces

Democracy at work

Politics at work

All we have to lose are our desks


Directions differ

Working harder not smarter

Umanagement – less is more

What’s on your business card?


Einstein’s compass

Managing innovation


Beyond the suit

Turning on the net generation

Shaping the context

The leader as storyteller


Swedish management thinker, Leif Edvinnson, is the guru of intellectual capital. He is the world's first director of intellectual capital, author of a book with the same title, and a former winner of the 'Brain of the Year' award.

Expert Reviews

"(Edvinsson is) the person who has done the most to uncover the hidden values of intellectual capital." Fortune Magazine

"The human brain is the most powerful weapon on planet earth. Corporate Longitude gives everyone new access to how to maximize this power. Forget Technicolor, grey matter matters. "

Kjell A Nordström and Jonas RidderstrΣle, authors of Funky Business

"Leif Edvinsson's tacit knowledge on Intellectual Capital which he accumulated through his long-time experience has been beautifully externalized in this book. Very insightful.

Ikujiro Nonaka, Professor, Hitotsubashi University and co-author of The Knowledge–Creating Company

Edvinsson's analogy is as enlightening and compelling as his presentations - precisely what is missing in today's knee-jerk, silver bullet management. The ultimate knowledge explorer, his compass leads us to an orientation of new coordinates for sustainable results. Indeed, this book takes the mystery out of measurement precision and links the value of human potential with economic results - newly framed for the knowledge economy.

Debra M. Amidon, Founder and Chief Strategist, ENTOVATION International, Ltd. and author of Innovation Strategy for the Knowledge Economy

"A true pioneer of the knowledge economy. Edvinsson articulates for us the new principles that guide the evolution of both the organizations where we work and the societies we are building."

Hubert Saint-Onge, Senior Vice-President, Strategic Capabilities, Clarica

"Mastermind Edvinsson forces his readers to think,.....and think harder. Prompted by the deeply held belief that companies, economies and the world at large can perform so much better if we shake of the straightjacket of traditional accounting and look at the whole picture of intellectual capital, Edvinsson compels us to ask ourselves some very personal questions about our lives and the way we do business. A brilliant, compelling and very personal book.

Daniel Andriessen, IC Challenger ,Author of 'Weightless Wealth, Senior Manager at KPMG Knowledge Advisory Services The Netherlands"

"This book is a MUST have for any student of intellectual capital whether you are a university academic, a senior corporate executive, or simply a thinker. Leif Edvinsson is a visionary and he shares his latest thinking in this mosaic of knowledge nuggets.

Dr. Nick Bontis , Director, Institute for Intellectual Capital Research Associate Editor, Journal of Intellectual Capital Chief Knowledge Officer, Enterprises Professor of Strategy, McMaster University

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