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Michael Cunningham

Sep 2001, Paperback, 304 pages
ISBN13: 9780273654940
ISBN10: 0273654942
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E-business expert Michael Cunningham invites you to join the greatest period of partnership in business history.

Partnerships are going to be the lifeblood of networked business. Because today's online customers demand such a high level of personalization, it has quickly become clear that no, one company can respond to such specific needs fast enough on their own. But most businesses haven't a clue how to begin setting up innovative alliances such as co-operation arrangements, affiliate programmes, web distribution, event marketing and websourcing.

Help has arrived. will show businesses how to forge leading-edge Internet partnerships fast – with competitors, customers, employees, and other businesses – and foster an environment that will allow them to flourish.


Michael J Cunningham is founder and CEO of the Massachusetts-based Harvard Computing Group, an international business and technology consulting firm. Its clients include NaviSite, Hitachi, Vignette and AT&T. Michael speaks internationally and writes articles on Web business and e-commerce. His previous book is B2B: How to Build a Profitable E-Commerce Strategy.

Expert Reviews

"Insightful, powerful, and timely! should touch the nerve endings of every executive struggling to rebuild the value chains of their organization for the demands and volatility of the new economy." Thomas M. Koulopoulos, President, Delphi Group and Author of The X-Economy

"In, Cunningham provides crucial insights on collaboration, outsourcing, distributed teams and virtual corporations and shows how to implement these important new business models on the web." Tom Willmott, CEO, Aberdeen Group

"Serious e-business executives should take Michael Cunningham's analysis to heart. His excellent synthesis of best practices creates an actionable 'rules of the road' guide."
Jonathan Yaron, President and CEO, Enigma

" is a well organized, insightful and timely analysis of "second wave" e-commerce. A must-read for web and e-business management teams." Sandia Review of Books

"In, Mike Cunningham provides refreshing, first-hand knowledge on how to craft winning relationships with all of your company's key constituents. This is mandatory reading for every company that wants to succeed in e-business."
Jane Falla, Senior Editor, E-Business Advisor Magazine, ADVISOR MEDIA, Inc.

"Do not think for a moment that the Internet is dead. holds treasured insights about the importance of partnerships in the new web-enabled economy. I cannot put it more simply –read this book. The business you save may be your own."
R. Schorr Berman, President, MDT Advisors

" presents a clear roadmap for building strong online partnerships that bring measurable business results." Angela McAlister, eServices, Technology Strategy and Implementation, 3Com Corporation

"Michael Cunningham believes online alliances are one of the most effective tools for developing the power and leverage needed to prosper in today's business world. An avid practitioner of such arrangements in his own Harvard Computing Group consulting firm, Cunningham presents a strong argument for these affiliations, along with a comprehensive guide to their creation in "Today, it is no longer possible for firms to do it all alone," he writes. "Whether it is hardware for a computer system, a hosting service to provide e-commerce capabilities, or a distribution partner that will sell and service products, partners are essential." Showing precisely why these associations are particularly potent in areas like sales, finance, and distribution, Cunningham details the steps involved in their formation and implementation, beginning with the partnership he considers most essential: the one that must be forged between organizations and their employees before any of these others can even hope to succeed. Drawing upon winning coalitions created by B2B and B2C endeavors such as eBay, and Convistint, Cunningham then delves into everything from the technology involved to the contracts required.
The result is a thorough examination aimed at those serious about finding innovative ways to improve their operations." Howard Rothman, Courtesy of

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