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Marketing to America

Marketing to America

How non-US companies can profit by selling in the USA

Charles Klein

Jul 2001, Paperback, 200 pages
ISBN13: 9780273653868
ISBN10: 0273653865
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Marketing to America is the first step by step guide for companies interested in selling non-American products in the United States. This unique marketing book provides user friendly assistance to non-US CEO’s, marketing managers, export promotion trade officials, venture capital firms and entrepreneurs interested in practical help to actually generate sales in the US market. Written by an American researcher, consultant and marketing mentor living outside the United States, the book is filled with "real world" stories about non-American managers and their company’s attempts to succeed in the world’s largest market, based on the author’s 15 years of experience in the field. The US Marketing Process Part I titled "Preparing for US Marketing" covers all of the pre-market entry stages beginning with how to avoid unfair deals with US marketers, evaluation of potential distribution structures, secondary and primary market research and why exporters need a defined US marketing strategy in order to succeed. Part II called "Taking Action" guides the reader through practical options in bringing non-US products to market in the United States such as marketing partners, US subsidiaries, reps and marketing joint ventures. Practical tips and Web site links are included on topics such as exhibitions, advertising, public relations and other promotion issues for exporters to the US. This section also includes insight from an American vice president marketing working for a non-US company and a case study about how a non-US company built a major US sales organization selling a "me too" product. Worldwide Perspective on US Marketing In addition to the author’s experience, the views of US marketing experts from numerous countries including the UK, Ireland, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, Israel, South Africa, India, Jordan and Iceland are included, providing a true world perspective. This book is a must read for anyone involved in exporting to the United States.




Exporting to the USA

  • The land of opportunity
  • Key problems for non-US companies
  • What US distributors won’t tell you
  • Tips for meetings in the USA
  • Forging strong business and personal relationships
  • Finding niches
  • Can you sell in the USA?

Distribution strategies for non-US companies

  • Need for a defined entry strategy
  • Internal analysis
  • External strategy options
  • Recruiting a strategic partner or marketing partner
  • Opening a US subsidiary or sales office
  • Opening a US parent company
  • Joint ventures – establishment of a US sales operation in partnership with an American corporation
  • Acquiring an existing US company
  • Establishing a master rep organization
  • Working with trading companies
  • Licensing
  • Direct sales
  • E-commerce
  • Selecting a distribution strategy

First-stage marketing information: secondary market research

  • The need for research
  • Creating your ‘wish list’
  • A sample wish list
  • Secondary v. primary research
  • Secondary information sources
  • Using government sources
  • The internet
  • Benefits for non-US managers
  • The internet is a tool – but not the only tool
  • Who should conduct the research?
  • Analyzing the data
  • Getting ready for primary research

Real market feedback: primary market research

  • Reviewing your wish list
  • Who should conduct the research?
  • Key primary research techniques
  • Independent industry experts
  • Competitors and competitive intelligence
  • Distributors, dealers and reps
  • End-user interviews
  • Working with US market research and competitive intelligence companies
  • The benefits of primary market research

Developing your marketing strategy

  • Analyzing your research results
  • Marketing distribution strategy
  • Product strategy
  • Channel strategy
  • Geographic strategy
  • Financial strategy
  • Preparing a marketing plan
  • Strategy – the bottom line

Seeking and recruiting a US marketing partner

  • The strategy behind working with marketing partners
  • Sources for identifying potential marketing partners
  • The fax and e-mail myth
  • Using insiders
  • Successful strategies for opening doors with marketing partners
  • Preparing and executing a marketing road show
  • The question of exclusivity
  • Researching your potential marketing partners
  • 15 questions to ask before signing an agreement
  • Ensuring successful implementation
  • Looking ahead

Establishing a US sales office or subsidiary

  • Controlling your destiny
  • Advantages of a US sales office
  • Disadvantages of a US sales office
  • A typical US office
  • Who should run the US operation?
  • Choosing a location
  • Legal and tax issues
  • Considerations before deciding to open a US office
  • Recruiting a national marketing manager
  • Making US offices work

Working with reps

  • What are reps?
  • How many reps are needed?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of reps
  • Working directly with US reps
  • Finding and recruiting reps
  • Managing and motivating reps
  • Hiring a master rep
  • Commissions and other compensation
  • The effect of e-commerce on reps

Sales promotion in the USA

  • US sales promotion – who does it and who pays
  • Trade shows
  • Professional conferences
  • Trade magazine advertising
  • Other print advertising
  • Television and radio advertising
  • Internet promotion
  • Public relations
  • Finding media sources
  • Investment in promotion

Monitoring the progress of your US sales network

  • Managing the US operation
  • The US operation audit
  • Elements of the US operation audit
  • The importance of frequent travel to the USA
  • When and how to make changes
  • Getting help in evaluating your US marketing progress
  • Monitoring your US operation
Feedback from exporters to the USA
  • Case study: an Italian-owned Middle East exporter
  • Interview with a US marketing vice-president working for a non-US company
  • Interviews with non-US export promotion agencies and marketing experts

Summary and final tips

  • The key messages
  • Looking ahead
  • Marketing to America

Charles Klein is managing partner of Amcon Marketing Strategy International, a research, consulting and training company focused on assisting non-US companies with US business development. His consulting assignment include:

  • Conduction US market studies for non-US companies in a wide range of industries and product categories;
  • Managing and implementing competitive intelligence projects;
  • Assisting non-US companies in the development of their US marketing strategy;
  • Negotiating with US marketing partners, reps and distributors on behalf on non-US companies;
  • Establishing US sales offices for non-US firms;
  • Recruiting marketing and sales executives in the USA
  • Writing articles on marketing topics for publications worldwide including Competitive Intelligence magazine, Marketing News, IMC Communicator, FID News Magazine, Business and Competitive Intelligence, Knowledge Management and a monthly column in The Exporter newspaper.
He has also developed a series of successful training seminars about US marketing which have been presented to hundreds of non-US managers. Topics include:
  • Secondary Market Research in the USA and how to Avoid "Net Disease";
  • Primary Market Research in the USA;
  • Finding Business Information on US Corporations;
  • Establishing US Sales Offices and Subsidiaries;
  • Recruiting US Marketing and Sales Managers;
  • Selling in the US Market via Reps (independent manufacturers’ representatives);
  • How to identify, Contact, Recruit and Succeed with US Marketing partners;
  • Working with US journalists as a Tool in Competitive Intelligence.

Born and raised in Chicago, Charles Klein spent many years in marketing and management positions at General Electric Company in the US where he won numerous awards for outstanding performance. He has also held a management position at Newark Electronics Inc. in Chicago, a market leader in electronic components and industrial parts. He spent six years as a senior marketing consultant to an export trade promotion organization, conducting and managing US marketing projects and training events in a wide range of industries. He established his own consulting company in 1991. He holds a BSc in business administration and a MSc in Marketing from Roosevelt University in Chicago.