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Online Share Investing

Online Share Investing

A UK Guide

Alistair Fitt

Dec 2000, Paperback, 304 pages
ISBN13: 9780273653707
ISBN10: 0273653709
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The number of online investors in the UK has trebled in the last year. It’s time to face facts. As a nation we’ve been bitten by the online investing bug. It’s hardly surprising really. Why would anyone want to trade shares with a bank or broker when trading online is twice as reliable, twice as easy, twice as fun and half the price? Written from an entirely UK-centric point of view – which takes into account the specifics of our own stock exchange, the relevance of UK sites and our own inimitable investing style – Online Share Investing is a nuts and bolts guide to getting you started with minimum effort and maximum results. By demystifying the jargon and replacing it with hands-on advice, Alistair Fitt shows us why online share investing is set to become one of the UK’s biggest participation sports and how you can compete to win.
This guide will get the most bashful technophobe up and trading in no time, with practical hints and strategies that both the uninitiated and more informed will find invaluable. The question is no longer "can I afford to trade shares online?" It is now "can I afford not to?" Online Share Investing will show you how to:

  • open an online account
  • make a plan and follow it through
  • judge whether a company is a good buy or not
  • use different strategies for different types of shares
  • invest in new issues online
  • trade riskier products such as options
  • develop your own strategy
  • avoid the common pitfalls of online investing
  • find all the information you’ll need on the web.

Alistair Fitt is a professional mathematician and an amateur investor. He was educated at Dr Challoner’s Grammar School, Amersham, and Lincoln College, Oxford, and now works in the Faculty of Mathematical Studies at the University of Southampton. He has published over 50 serious research papers in serious scientific journals; but that's irrelevant as this book is not about his mathematics but about online share investing. The author is not an expert with many year's experience in online share trading in British markets. (This is hardly surprising, as online share trading is so new to the UK that nobody is an expert with many year's experience.) Nevertheless, he has enjoyed steady success trading the old-fashioned way (via the bank and brokers) and has continued to enjoy a profitable online investing career. Above all, the author understands the mathematics behind the markets, how all those jolly hard sums are worked out, what all those numbers mean and how you might expect them to influence your online trading strategy. The author made (lots of) mistakes when he started to trade online and also learned a lot about how online investing differs from the old-fashioned sort. If this book had been available when he started, Alistair says he'd have gladly bought it and saved himself the trouble and expense of learning pretty well everything himself.

Expert Reviews

"This is truly a well informed work. Professor Fitt has successfully removed the mystique of online investing, clearly demonstrating how to get online, make decisions and trade for profit. Any first-time trader should read Online Share Investing in its entirety."
- Foster Bowman, Managing Director, Ltd
"A first class explanation of many aspects of shae trading... it should prove helpful to any investor who wants to build a knowledge of stock market investing and regular dealing online"
- The Times

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