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Put Your Money Where Your Mouse Is

Marianne Curphey

Dec 2000, Paperback, 304 pages
ISBN13: 9780273652946
ISBN10: 027365294X
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Are you thrilled about throwing away hundreds of pounds every year because the interest rate in a traditional bank is low, that finding a suitable mortgage can be more stressful than finding your dream house, or that the money sitting in your account is actually worth less every single day? It need not be this way. The internet has landed, making everything cheaper, faster, easier and more accessible. The online revolution has allowed us to take control of every aspect of our lives – our hard-earned cash being no exception. Managing your money online enables you to become your own bank manager – to take the reins, to make the most of your finances, and to find the services and information that are right for you, at the click of a button. However, it’s not easy knowing where to start, what the internet can offer, or even how secure your money will be online. e-cash does all the hard work for you. It is a complete guide to making the most of your money. Whether you want to set up an online bank account or invest in shares online, e-cash will show you how to take control of your money and turn e-cash into real cash. e-cash is a step-by-step guide to managing your money online. It will show you how to:

  • keep control of your own finances
  • set up an online bank account
  • find an online savings account that best suits you
  • search for a mortgage online
  • submit your tax form online
  • invest in shares online and form a successful trading strategy
  • find the best websites to visit for financial information
  • overcome the potential pitfalls of managing your money online
  • secure your money and ensure that it remains yours.

Marianne Curphey is Editor of Money Unlimited, The Guardian’s personal finance website. She researched and commissioned material to launch Money Unlimited and is now responsible for building loyalty and return visits from its users. Previously, she worked for four years as deputy personal finance editor of Weekend Money and as insurance correspondent at The Times before she moved to The Guardian to join its financial news desk. Marianne was awarded Pension Writer of the Year and Best National Consumer Writer of the Year in 1999. Before that she also won Pension & Investment Journalist of the Year in 1997and 1998, and Best Up and Coming Personal Finance Journalist, ABI Awards 1997. Areas Marianne covered as a reporter include broad-based City reporting, plus insurance, banking regulation, tour operators, pensions and investments, and personal finance. As a freelance journalist, she has worked with the Press Association, Sunday Express, Sunday Telegraph, and the UK National News Agency.

Expert Reviews

"…contains a treasure chest of essential information and has been put together in a clear and engaging manner by one of the best finance writers around."
- Daniel Godfrey, Director General of the Association of Investment Trust Companies
"…provides novices with the grounding they need to tackle investing on the internet with confidence. Marianne Curphey’s entertaining and informative book will also be useful for more experienced investors."
- Andrew Pitts, Editor, Money Observer
It’s your money. Take control.

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