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From Bursar To School Business Manager

From Bursar To School Business Manager

Fergus O'Sullivan, Angela Thody, Liz Wood

Oct 1999, Paperback, 256 pages
ISBN13: 9780273643258
ISBN10: 0273643258
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Business management within schools is no longer about making the books balance, it has gone beyond that for many bursars whose role is to give financial information to guide strategic decisions.

From Bursar to School Business Manager is the first text of its kind, it offers an insight into how other schools are successfully operating their business and teaching support services. It describes:

  • the need to manage resources which indirectly support teaching and learning
  • the tasks, roles, relationships and careers of school business management and managers
  • he practice of school business managers
  • the future role and development of school business managers.

This invaluable book will be welcomed by all school bursars, senior managers, head teachers, governors, LEA advisers and officers, and students on education leadership and management programmes.

From Bursar to School Business Manager expands our understanding of the current and expanding roles and responsibilities of people who oversee school level resources in support of teaching and learning. This text will change school leaders' visions of resource management for the future."

Richard A. King, Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy, University of Northern Colorado, USA.