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Resource Management in Schools

Resource Management in Schools

Sonia Blandford

Jul 1997, Paperback, 256 pages
ISBN13: 9780273624110
ISBN10: 0273624113
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Managing all of a school's resources represents a considerable challenge. Demanding business acumen, financial awareness, planning ability, IT knowledge and excellent management skills.

Resource Management in Schools has been specifically written to give you sound and practical advice on all the areas you need to become a better more effective manager. Packed with practical advice and backed up with case studies and models of good practice, this text explains how school budgets can be effectively managed. With:

  • advice on how to build and manage your budget (including using IT)
  • fund allocation details and income generating opportunities for your school
  • case studies which you can relate to yourself and your school
  • how to relate resource management to your school development plan
  • help in how to establish benchmarks for good practice.

Relevant to both primary and secondary schools, this practical introductory guide is essential reading for all head teachers, deputy head teachers, bursars and governors.