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Strategic Marketing for Schools

Strategic Marketing for Schools

Brent Davies, L. Ellison

Dec 1996, Paperback, 256 pages
ISBN13: 9780273624080
ISBN10: 0273624083
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Successful schools of the future will use techniques and skills typically associated with business. Strategic marketing is a technique used throughout business, and one which divides the winners from the losers.

Reap the benefits of long term planning and find out how marketing techniques can be applied to your school. Strategic Marketing for Schools will enable you to:

  • define what marketing is and why it is important for your school
  • develop a marketing culture for your school
  • carry out a strategic marketing analysis
  • establish your marketing objectives
  • implement your marketing plan.

Written for schools in all sectors, this book provides key solutions to marketing in the future. It is recommended reading for all staff especially head teachers, deputy head teachers and students on education management courses.