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Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development

Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development

Graham Beaver

Jan 2002, Paperback, 232 pages
ISBN13: 9780273651055
ISBN10: 0273651056
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Undergraduate and MBA courses in Entrepreneurship, Small Business and Business Development offered as a core or elective part of a business studies degree programme.Well organised and easy to read, this exciting new book provides an authoritative introduction to the establishment, development and managerial issues confronting the smaller enterprise. It is concerned with the kinds of actions and behaviour often labelled entrepreneurial that seem to characterise the launch and growth of a successful business venture. The author examines in some detail the process of new business formation and growth, with particular emphasis on acting and thinking in a strategic framework to maximise the chances of business success and longevity.

1. The Context, Nature and Significance of Small Firms
2. Starting and Evaluating a Business Venture
3. The Small Business Practitioner s Entrepreneurs, Owner and Managers
4. Management Development
5. Strategic Management Issues in Entrepreneurial Ventures and Small Business
6. Business Planning
7. Financing Small Firms
8. Enterprise Growth and Development
9. Female Entrepreneurship
10. Contemporary Issues and Developments in Small Business and Enterprise Development
11. International Considerations
12. The Internet
13. Business Development and Enterprise Creation: New Evidence

  • Extensive use of case illustrations and research evidence Promotes the understanding of key issues and encourages reader to engage in the material and continuously relate what they are reading to real-life experiences.
  • Dedicated chapter on Female Entrepreneurship (Ch. 9) addresses the increasingly growing population of female entrepreneur and their role in the economy Addresses hot topic that is quite often overlooked in publications in this area.
  • Chapter on Contemporary Issues and Developments in Small Business and Enterprise Development Examines issues such as the significance and impact of the internet; strategies for successful enterprise development; international considerations and comparisons; and high technology and enterprise development Familiarises readers with many of the current issues affecting the small business sector and enterprise development today.
  • Tried and tested Much of the material in the book has been used on the Nottingham Business School MBA programme.