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Management Decision Making

Management Decision Making

Towards an Integrative Approach

Mark Teale, Vince Dispenza, John Flynn, David Currie

Oct 2002, Paperback, 392 pages
ISBN13: 9780201619225
ISBN10: 0201619229
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The text will be a valuable guide for students either intending to, or pursuing a career in Management. It is suitable for advanced level undergraduate Business and Management degrees as well as postgraduate courses. Practising managers would also find the book a useful reference to current management decision making theory. This book takes a holistic approach, combining both quantitative and qualitative aspects of management decision making with a strong interdisciplinary perspective. Quantitative tools are shown in context so that students can see their relevance to day-to-day decision making. The role of IT in decision making is also addressed. The text explores the relationship between hard and soft aspects of decision making by addressing their philosophical underpinnings, and uses examples from the authors' own experiences to illustrate important issues.

1. Decision Making Perspectives.
2. Risk and Rationality.
3. Conflict/Intrapersonal Dynamics.
4. Chaos.
5. Research Methods.
6. Diagnosis and Systems Thinking.
7. Model Building.
8. Money Management.
9. Resource Allocation.
10. Time Management,
11. Interpersonal Dynamics.
12. Power and Politics.
13. The Cultural Context.
14. Ethics in Decision-Making.
Integrated Case Study.

  • Suitable for both quantitative and qualitative style courses.
  • An integrative treatment of both quantitative and qualitative approaches to business decision making.
  • A thematic approach encompassing the role of uncertainty, research, choice, implementation and evaluation in decision making.
  • Each chapter is written by two authors providing a point-counterpoint style of argument.
  • Draws on author's international expericence.
  • Provides a critical view of management decision making.
  • Practical activities, up-to-date examples from different cultural contexts and case studies bridge the gap between management theory and management action.
  • Encourages students to recognise the complex and interdisciplinary nature of management decision making.
  • Encourages development of critical analysis skills.
  • A structured decision making diary develops throughout the text allowing the reader to summarise issues and relate them to their own experience.